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Launch date announced for Telstra Air – Australia’s largest wi-fi network


Telstra has announced the launch date for Australia’s largest wi-fi network – Telstra Air – which will allow customers to use their home broadband allowance in Australian and overseas.

From Tuesday, Telstra Air will be available through thousands of hotspots including payphones and retail outlets in popular locations after a partnership with leading wi-fi provider Fon.

Telstra Air members will be able to tap into their home broadband allowance instead of using their cellular data when they are out and about both in Australian and overseas.

The service will be accessible at 15 million hotspots in 18 countries including the UK, Spain, Brazil, France, Japan and Germany to make it easier and more affordable to connect on your travels.



On Tuesday, hotspots in more than 250 towns and cities around Australia will be activated.

Telstra home broadband customers will be able to join the Telstra Air service for free as long as they have a compatible gateway.

This gateway is what gives the wi-fi network even wider range with everyone becoming part of the nationwide network.

Each gateway will broadcast a secured private wi-fi network for the household’s use along with a separate wi-fi signal available to Telstra Air members.

The secondary signal is partitioned to keep it separated from the private wi-fi network so the home’s data and information is protected.


The Telstra Air app will make it easy for customers locate and log in to a Telstra Air hotspot.

Even without the app, customers can find the Telstra Air SSID on their device’s wi-fi list in the settings.

When overseas, member can connect with Fon hotspots in the same way as they do in Australia.



There are more than a million Telstra customers who already have a Telstra Air-ready gateway.

These models are the Telstra Gateway Max, T Gateway and the ADSL Premium Gateway.


Eligible Telstra home broadband customers with a compatible gateway can join Telstra Air by visiting

New Telstra home broadband customers can take up an eligible Telstra bundle from Tuesday to receive a Telstra Air compatible gateway and membership to the Telstra Air community at no additional cost.

Existing eligible Telstra home broadband customers without a compatible gateway can purchase one from Telstra.




Telstra’s new pricing bundles start at $69 a month.

The $89 a month bundle incudes:

– A premium Telstra Gateway MaxTM Wi-Fi modem – up to 3x faster in-home Wi-Fi speed, 
compared to our standard modem when using AC compatible devices (for new Telstra home 
broadband customers only).

– Access to Telstra Air, Australia’s largest Wi-Fi Network with a compatible modem.

– 200GB of fast and reliable broadband with unlimited local calls.

– Telstra Broadband Protect (available to add for no extra fee whilst the customer stays on their 

– Bonus T-Box – to pause, rewind and record live TV, watch catch-up TV and access thousands of 
movies & TV shows on the BigPond library.

– Six month subscription to Presto (unmetered on Telstra home broadband at home).