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iPhone 5 will be released on October 14

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Apple’s eagerly-awaited iPhone 5 will go on sale on October 14 according to a source within one of Australia’s biggest mobile phone dealers.

Our senior source says there is “reliable” information along with movements within the Australian telco community to indicate a mid-October launch.

Reports suggest a special media event will be held in the coming weeks to launch the iPhone 5 and a new entry-level iPhone 4.  

It’s been 14 months since the release of the iPhone 4 which is unusual for Apple which usually sticks to a 12-month product cycle.

September is also the month when the popular range of iPods are given their annual makeover so all signs are pointing to the updates being part of the upcoming iPhone event.

The event will not only introduce hardware in the form of new iPhones and iPods but also the iOS 5 operating system and the new iCloud service.

Rumours about the iPhone 5 have been swirling for months.

The strongest reports are suggesting the device will have a larger screen plus a thinner “tear drop” design which means it will taper in thickness from top to bottom.

Companies have already produced cases for the iPhone 5 with dimensions that indicate it will be a larger device than the iPhone 4.

As for the iPhone 4, the device will reportedly still be offered as a cheaper entry-level product after the new iPhone 5 is released.

 One of the iPhone 5 cases which have already been offered for sale on the internet. Source: 9to5Mac