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iPhone 5 rumour round-up before launch event

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In the early hours of tomorrow morning Apple will kick off its special event at its Cupertino headquarters to announce the new iPhone.

There has been no shortage of rumours and speculation around the eagerly-awaited Apple device which have suggested a number of features and specifications.

We take a look at the most popular rumours and rate how likely or unlikely they are to be included in the new Apple product.  

Everything from the size, shape, speed and screen size of the new device – believed to be called the iPhone 5 – have been the subject of intense speculation.

 Lets take a look at them:

Larger screen size: The most popular size quoted has been 4-inches which is half an inch larger then the iPhone 4. Likely

Thinner: Apple very rarely upgrades a product without shaving off a few millimetres thanks to design innovations and the skill of Apple’s designers and engineers. There has also been talk of a teardrop design which will be thicker at the top and get thinner as it tapers to the bottom. Likely

Faster: The new iPhone will have the faster 1Ghz A5 processor – the same which can be found in the iPad 2. Likely

Redesigned Home button: This rumour surfaced after the appearance of several cases supposedly designed for the iPhone 5. Another notion is that this new elongated home button will be touch sensitive and could also be used to unlock the screen and navigate like a mouse. Possible

The iPhone 5 physical mock up built by German bloggers at BENM.AT

4G compatibility: It’s only been a week since Telstra announced the activation of the 4G network and there are strong suggestions that the iPhone 5 will be compatible with the faster 1800Mhz network for speeds of up t0 21Mbps on HSPA+. US operator Sprint has been rumoured to be the new exclusive iPhone partner according to the Wall Street Journal which can support an HSPA+ device on its network. Possible

Better camera: The new iPhone is expected to have a better camera – 8 megapixel with flash – a definite improvement over the iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera. This rumour was actually confirmed by Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer who let it slip during an interview the Sony was supplying the 8 megapixel cameras to Apple. Likely

More storage: The iPhone’s 16GB and 32GB storage may now extend to 64GB especially with the hunger for content and apps on our mobile devices grow. Likely

NFC (Near Field Communications): This technology has already been included on Google’s Nexus S smartphone to make payments in stores like a credit card or electronic wallet. This may be one of the new features integrated  into the iPhone as our mobile devices become more of an integral part of our lives. Possible

The iPhone 5 mock-up created by

Voice recognition: There are already Voice Controls on the iPhone 4 but Apple’s acquisition of a company called Siri in 2010 – which specialises in voice technology – may be a strong indicator that voice will play a part. Touchscreen typing is not the easiest thing even on an iPhone so being able to talk instead of type would be a desirable feature of the iPhone 5. Likely

An entry-level iPhone 4: The iPhone 4 has been a runaway success and, even though it’s nearly 15 months old, it is still one of the highest selling devices in most markets. The iPhone 4 will probably be positioned as a new entry level product or cheaper alternative to the new iPhone 5 with increased storage capacity up to 64GB. Likely

New iPods: September is usually the month Apple updates its range of hugely popular iPods. That has slipped and it’s likely we’ll be seeing new iPods as well as new iPhones at tomorrow morning’s event. After all it is the 10th anniversary of the iPod on Oct 23. Likely

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