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iPhone 4S pre-orders, Cards and Find My Friends apps

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Pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S will begin on October 7 ahead of the October 14 Australian release date – the same day it will be available in the US.

The new device, which was announced by Apple at its headquarters in Cupertino. See our full report here.

Also revealed today were two new apps created by Apple – Cards and Find My Friends.  

Cards is an app which allows users to take their pictures and send them to Apple to turn into a greeting card.

Part of the service includes Apple mailing the card for you and even informing you when it has been delivered.

Australian pricing for this service has yet to be announced.

Another Apple app announced was Find My Friends which will be part of iOS 5. This app allows users to make their location visible on a map.

The new Cards app lets you send your pictures ti be turned into greeting cards. Picture: Engadget

This will come in handy if your trying to locate your friends or see where they are if they are planning to meet you.

Parents will also be able to see that their child got school and also keep track of their location of they need to be picked up.

There will be plenty of uses for this app and, before anyone complains that it is tailor made for stalkers, it is something which you can switch off so you don’t show up on a map if you don’t want to.

Cards and Find My Friend will be available on October 12.

 The Find My Friend app lets you find your friends on a map. Picture: Engadget.