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Huawei partners with Happytel to provide nationwide customer service

Huawei Australia has ramped up its commitment to customer service after partnering with trusted mobile and tablet repairer Happytel which has 56 locations across Australia.

The new deal will allow Huawei customers to troubleshoot technical issues and organise repairs on their device if needed.

One of the reasons behind Samsung and Apple’s success is its after sales service that provides customers with peace of mind when purchasing one of their products.

Huawei, which has set new sales records since the launch of the P30 Pro in March, can now offer that same comfort so future customers can buy with confidence.

“Our customers come first and we are excited to partner with Happytel to ensure Huawei consumers have peace of mind and the convenience of Happytel’s nationwide authorised service centres,” says Huawei Australia managing director Larking Huang.

“It’s been a record-breaking year for Huawei flagship devices.

“We are committed to Australians and will continue investing in R&D to ensure we meet their needs by developing innovative yet nimble devices that push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do,”

Huawei has already shipped more than 100 million smartphones globally in 2019.

The P30 Pro sold its first 10 million units just 82 days after launch – 62 days less than the time it took for the P20 Pro to hit the same number.

“Happytel has a strong commitment to service, solution and experience. Partnering with Huawei was an easy decision to make with such aligned values.” Says Happytel Director, Elizabeth Ryu.

The Huawei P30 Pro

There are 56 Happytel collection points around the country, many located in busy shopping centres, along with two centres to provide repairs and service for customers across Australia.

Huawei recently released the P30 Lite smartphone – a more affordable device in the P30 family – for $499.