Modern technology gives us many things.

HP’s Sprocket Studio printer sets your phone images free and ready to frame

We take a lot of photos with our phones but we don’t print many of these high quality photos. With the HP Sprocket Studio that can all change because printing wirelessly from your mobile device is a snap.

HP has produced two Sprocket devices to date – the Sprocket and the Sprocket Select – which produce small stickable photos.

But HP has upped its game with the new HP Sprocket Studio which can print in seconds a 6 x 4 inch (10cm by 15cm ) photo.

The printer connect to your smartphone via the HP Sprocket app which allows users to edit their images, add fun frames and even text.

The unit can rest on desk or coffee table within reach of a power point. It is 27cm long and 16cm wide at its widest point.

The HP Sprocket Studio uses a dye sublimation cartridge system that users insert through a small hatch on the side of the printer.

This cartridge allows the printers to apply cyan, magenta and yellow layers that make up a photograph and also adds a glossy layer to finish off the process.

When printing the image you will see it pass in and out of the printer during the process before depositing the completed image on the front tray.

The HP Sprocket app can be given access to your camera roll on your smartphone.

You can even sign in to your Instagram and Facebook accounts to access those photos and also log in to your Google Photos account.

The app also has a photo editor so you can tweak the image.

There’s also a range of filters to give your image a slightly different look, a range of frames and stickers and you can also add some text.

Users will find hundreds of ways to brighten up and personalise the image before printing it.

The resulting image is a 6 x 4 and just the right size to pop in a frame.

The HP Sprocket Studio comes with 10 photo sheet and a cartridge and when you run out you can buy a pack of 80 sheets and two cartridges for $59.

Having a product like the HP Sprocket Studio will motivate users to print out the great photos that would usually have been left in your phone’s camera roll.

Now with the HP Sprocket you can set your images free and put them on display for all to see.

You can also pull out the HP Sprocket for your next dinner party and print out the best photos for your guests so they can go home with a keepsake.

It is available now and is priced at $199.