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How to Install Panda Helper App on iPhone and Android

The iOS app store has over 2 million apps, and you would think that would be enough, that any of us could find the apps that we really want, right there. These days, iOS users want something different. 

They don’t want more selection of apps; they want their apps and games to do more. Sadly, Apple refuses many of these other apps’ entry to the app store, not because they are not legitimate but because Apple’s restrictions are just too strict.

Thankfully, a whole heap of developers has released third-party app stores that do offer just what people want – tweaks, modified games, tweaked apps, and lots more, and it’s all free. Once, you would have needed to jailbreak your iOS device if you wanted this kind of content, but not anymore – the lack of jailbreak utilities led to these developers providing more and more content that all users can install without having to go down the jailbreak route.

The latest third-party app store is Panda Helper, and it doesn’t just work on iOS devices; the developers also gave it Android support too. Read on to get all the details about one of the most popular third-party app stores ever released.

How to Install Panda Helper:

As Panda Helper works on iOS and Android, you need to choose the right guide below:

Method 1: iOS

  1. Using Safari browser, go to and tap Download.
  2. Tap a configuration profile and tap Install
  3. Go to your home page – if the app icon is there, the app is installed. If you see a “Waiting” message, tap it, and the installation will begin.
  4. Before using the app, open Settings>General>Profiles.
  5. Tap the Panda Helper Profile, tap Trust, and close Settings
  6. Now you can use Panda Helper on your device.

Method 2: Android

You will need to install the APK file onto your device:

  1. Open Settings > Security ( or Privacy )
  2. Enable Unknown Sources
  3. Open your device browser and go to
  4. Download the APK file
  5. Open Downloads on your device and double-tap the file
  6. When the app is installed, the icon is on your home screen.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, although Panda Helper does not have support for desktop computers, you can install it on yours by installing an Android emulator first.

You must only use the above link for downloads – many fake sites may contain malware or viruses.

What is Panda Helper?

Panda Helper is a versatile and feature-packed unofficial app installer. It offers speedy downloads and is 100% safe to use. Inside the store, you find thousands of apps, games, emulators, screen recorders, tweaks, and much more, many of which are modified with new features.  And being supported on Android devices and iOS means it has more users than most app stores.

One prominent feature is that Panda Helper is monitored and updated regularly. Not only is new content being added all the time, but the updates also bring bug fixes, security improvements, and app enhancements. And, if you can’t find the app or game you want in the store, you can ask the developers to try and find it for you, something no official app store will allow you to do.

Panda Helper Features:

Panda Helper is packed with cool features, including these:

  • Works on iOS and Android
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device
  • Thousands of apps, games, and more, added to .regularly
  • Plenty of modified stock apps and unlocked games
  • Strong SSL encryption to secure your downloads
  • High-speed downloads
  • It won’t take all your device resources.
  • Apps and games can be updated through the installer.
  • Choice of free or VIP app store
  • Many more features

Many people ask whether the installer will void their warranty – the answer to that is no but, if you install modded apps and your device has to go for repair, you should remove the apps first and reinstall them later.

Why Use Modified Apps?

Simply because they offer what the stock apps should but don’t. While apps like Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and so on are useful apps, they miss some obvious features. How many times have you used one of the popular apps and wondered why it doesn’t have a noticeable but simple feature? The modified apps give us those features for free.

One thing you do need to know – if you intend to download a modified version of a stock app, you must delete the official stock app first. Otherwise, you are likely to run into conflict issues.

Give Panda Helper a go on your device today. One of the most popular of all the third-party apps, it offers more selection, is completely free, and you don’t need a jailbreak or to root your device either.