Modern technology gives us many things.

How ridiculous! Scroll Shades proposed to prevent people being injured while texting and walking

What is the world coming to when there is a need for a product like the Scroll Shades to help people keep an eye on their device and the path ahead of them to prevent scroll and stroll injuries.

Decluttr, rather than warning people that they shouldn’t walk and text at the same time, has decided to come up with one of the most ridiculous products ever created.

Declutter has proposed the Scroll Shades after a surge in texting injuries has increased by 20 per cent since 2020 and 28 per cent in the last decade.

The Scroll Shades – which is not an early April Fool’s Day joke – have been designed by Decluttr using a periscope-style mirror on the lens to refract the light so we can see our smartphone’s screen while still looking straight ahead.

People’s heads buried in their devices while they are walking has caused injuries ranging from lacerations and sprains to contusions and fractures.

“These figures are truly eye-opening and underscore a trend that’s been building for some time now,” says Liam Howley, Chief Marketing Officer at Decluttr.

“With technology becoming deeply entrenched in our day-to-day lives, it’s no surprise that accidents happen, however, we need to be more conscious of how our tech habits could cause a risk to ourselves and others.”

“What’s encouraging to see is that some easy fixes can be made to ensure our tech is just that little bit more safe – sitting up in bed when texting, waiting until we are firmly on stop when out walking to check our devices, or using accessories like scroll shades – these may seem obvious but a more mindful approach to technology will go a long way to reduce injury.”

The planned tech specs feature a prism on the left lens so the light from the smartphone can still be seen even when they are walking and looking forward. This will enable the user to text and walk at the same time.

If we resort to creating idiotic products like Scroll Shades – we are doomed as a species.

How’s this for an idea – stand still to finish your text message.