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HMD partners with Mattel to release a Barbie Flip Phone

HMD, the company behind Nokia smartphones, has partnered with Mattel to release a Barbie-themed flip phone.

Due for release in mid-2024, the HMD (Human Mobile Devices) Barbie Flip Phone will ride the wave of popularity from the recent hit Barbie movie starring Australia’s own Margot Robbie.

Mattel is a global toy company with a strong portfolio of children’s and family franchises including Barbie which was originally released in 1959.

The new HMD Barbie Flip Phone will no doubt offer the same vintage chic of the original Barbie dolls including that unmissable dash of pink as well.

“Is it time to swap reel life for real life and take a breather from all the interruptions of notifications?” asks Human Mobile Devices Chief Marketing Office, Lars Silberbauer.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mattel, a company that shares our commitment to meaningful innovation and societal change.”

 Head of Consumer Products, Publishing, and LBE, Mattel EMEA, Ruth Henriquez said: “At the heart of Mattel is design and innovation, and this latest collaboration is another step forward in that direction.

“The Barbie x HMD launch promises to be an exciting moment for Barbie fans of all ages, we’re excited to flip the switch and unveil it to the world at Mobile World Congress.”

And flip phones are back in vogue because they offer a way to give users a digital breather and take the phone experience back to basically talk and text.

According to GWi Core data, 40 per cent of 16-24 year olds are worried they are spending too much time on their smartphone.

A third of Gen Z users in the US alone are also actively trying to limit their time spent on social media with FOMO (fear of missing out) on the decline.

HMD also announced its renewed goal of creating devices to tackle modern challenges like e-waste and digital fatigue.

HDM is doubling down on the repairability of its phones to make it even easier for customers.

The company has reduced the number of steps it takes to replace a broken screen, so you and your phone spend even less time separated.

“One year ago, we introduced our first repairable phone to a great response,” says James Robinson, HMD VP Europe, Americas and Enterprise.

“12 months on, we are determined to continue to push the boundaries to reimagine repairability.

“As more and more people seek out easy to repair devices so they can keep their phone longer – and save hassle or delays when fixes are needed – we’re excited to make that process as easy as possible, starting this summer.”