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Happy 40th Birthday to the mobile phone


mobile40The mobile phone is 40 years old today. The first mobile call was placed on April 3, 1973 by Motorola engineer Martin Cooper on 6th avenue in New York City.

Cooper, the head of Motorola mobile communication technologies at the time, used a Motorola DynaTAC device which weighed 1kg and had a battery life of just 20 minutes.

The device was affectionately known as a “brick” because of its size and weight and is a far cry to the sleek models on the market.

After 40 years the mobile has seen the world’s fastest technology adoption with a worldwide penetration of 5 billion.

The evolution of the mobile phone over 40 years

More than 900 million mobile phones will be sold worldwide in 2013 according to research company IDC.

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