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Google Maps adds bushfire layer to help make life-saving decisions


Google Maps will now include a new bushfire layer to make it easier for Australians to access current and official information to allow them to make an informed and potentially lifesaving decision during times of emergency.

This new bushfire layer will offer up-to-date details about multiple fires at once.

Google has been working with Australian state and territory fire agencies to deliver crisis response alerts on search, maps and Android devices to help the community stay safe during bushfire seasons.

The new bushfire layer will make it easier to get current details about any nearby bushfires to make it easier to monitor the situation, see the level of severity and to see recommended actions.

Users can turn on this new layer by tapping the layers symbol – this looks like a square stacked on top of another square – on Maps and then on the bushfires icon to access the important details about multiple active fires.

And when you Google search for bushfire related queries, the results will be provided through trusted sources within the state fire agencies.

To achieve this Google has partnered with local fire agencies, WWF Australia and the University of QLD.

“Whether we’re delivering crisis alerts or aiding in wildlife recovery, our goal is to find the right combination of infield expertise, scientific knowledge and technology to help Australians get trusted information when it matters most,” says Daniel Nadasi, Google Australia, engineering site lead.