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Facebook opens App Centre for iOS and Android


facebook-iconFacebook has opened an App Centre to allow users to browse and download social apps for both iOS and Android operating systems.

The App Centre will provide Facebook’s more than 900 million members worldwide with an easy place to find apps and create more opportunities for those apps to be successful.

Apps are sorted into categories and each landing page includes a summary, screenshots and ratings.

But if a mobile app requires installation, the user is sent to the App Store or Google Play

The Facebook App Centre will allow users to browse apps for iOS and Android

Facebook’s goal with the App Centre is to promote and grow mobile apps that integrate Facebook so users can share activities, experiences, purchases, results and other content on their news feeds.

Users will be able to access Facebook’s App Centre from their browser and from the Facebook app on iPhone/iPad and Android.

The App Centre will show the most popular apps and also the apps recommended by your friends and be a central place to find fun apps like Draw Something, Pinterest and Viddy.

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