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Boost Mobile updates iPhone trade-in values to help finance iPhone 15 purchase

The new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models go on sale next week and one way to make the purchase cheaper is to trade in your old iPhone. Boost Mobile has just announced the latest iPhone trade-in values.

Boost Mobile has timed the update perfectly and has made it easy for customers to see what their iPhone is worth.

If you have a recent iPhone and are looking to trade in, there are some healthy trade-in values.

The iPhone 15 Pro

Here are the top seven iPhones that will attract the highest trade-ins through Boost Mobile:

– iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB – $1,080 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App

– iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB – $950 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App

– iPhone 13 Pro 256GB – $815 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App

– iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB – $680 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App

– iPhone 12 128GB – $455 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App

– iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB – $515 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App

– iPhone 11 64GB – $310 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App

“There is always excitement and interest around a new iPhone launch, though we anticipate that Australians will look at trading in their old smartphones more than ever before as part of their buying process this time around,” said Boost Mobile General Manager Jason Haynes.

“Such launches are also a timely reminder of the trade-in value of people’s existing devices, with many Australians sitting on older smartphones that still have a value and could be helping greatly as personal budgets continue to be hit by the rising cost of living by putting some extra dollars in their pocket.”

In recent research by Boost Mobile showed 78% of Australians have at least one UN used smartphone in their home with 74% willing to trade in or recycle their old devices.

The study showed a number of reasons stopping some from trading in or recycling their devices including lack of perceived value 52%, convenience 21% and data privacy concerns 25%.

The Boost Mobile app makes it easy to work out the trade-in value after running the device through a series of tests.

Here are the six tests the Boost Mobile Trade-In App runs:

  1. Screen accuracy test: touch a target on the screen
  2. Touchscreen test: touch all points of the screen
  3. Pixel test: touch to identify dead pixels on an orange screen
  4. Phone Buttons check: check that buttons work
  5. Microphone check: speak directly into your device to check the sound works.
  6. Battery Drain Test: torch turns on and phone vibrates for 30 seconds to see by how much it drains the battery.

Other checks in the app include product model and size, aesthetic condition and IMEI number.

Once the customer agrees on the trade in valuation, they receive a free Australia post shipping label to enable them to post the device free of charge.

And once the device is received and checked the money is paid directly into their account.

Payments can be made into a customer’s bank account or via PayPal.

The Boost Mobile Trade-In App is available to download now from:; or