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Boost Mobile says Australians facing cost of living pressures are looking for savings

With Australians facing rising interest rates, ballooning inflation, increased petrol and grocery prices and higher power bills – a study by Boost Mobile has revealed 90 per cent are tightening their belts including reviewing their current mobile plans.

The research revealed most Australians have been with the same network provider for more than three years even though they’ve had opportunities to make significant savings.

“As a brand that has been fighting for value for Australians for more than 20 years, it has always been important for us to listen to consumers and make sure we are doing what we can to provide great value,” said Jason Haynes, General Manager, Boost Mobile.

“This research shows that there is significant financial hardship facing many Australians that may be going unreported.

“Despite this, many Australians are leaving savings on the table by sticking blindly with their existing mobile phone plans.

“To everyone reviewing their expenses – do your research and consider switching. It’s an easy way to deliver real savings without making any sacrifices to your lifestyle.

“At Boost Mobile, we are all about providing quality product, great value and convenience for all Australians with our SIM Plans and refurbished phones.

“Boost Mobile is on the full Telstra mobile network. This covers one million square kilometres more than any other mobile network in Australia.”

The data reveals 90 per cent of Australians surveyed have made significant changes to their purchasing decisions with the daily cost of groceries the biggest concern (77 per cent) followed by petrol/transport (61 per cent), electricity (57 per cent), cost of rent/mortgage (55 per cent) and mobile phone-related costs (20 per cent).

On average, 64 per cent of respondents have been with their existing mobile provider for more than three years and a further 12 per cent for more than two years.

Customers aged between 45 and 64 are the most loyal with 73 per cent sticking with their existing provider for more than three years.

Younger customers aged 25 to 34 do move more frequently between carriers but 59 per cent have been with the same telco for three years.

Respondents said a good provider is determined by their network coverage, price and included data.

Network coverage and price were the two main factors for more than 65 per cent of customers.

Boost Mobile’s mission has been to provide quality and value for customers who can access the full Telstra mobile network with generous data and no lock-in contracts.

And for customers who also need a smart phone, Boost Mobile offers access to high quality refurbished and affordable smartphones including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices and more starting from just $269.

All refurbished smartphones must pass rigorous testing and inspection and come with a 12-month warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Boost Mobile has plans as low as $16 a month paid up front for more than 10GB data.

For those who need plenty of data to stay in touch, Boost Mobile’s 12-month expiry SIM charges are offering a bonus 10 to 20GB for the first recharge for new and migrating customers if you activate before November 28, 2022.

And when customers recharge on any $30 – $70 Boost Anytime Plus Plan, an extra 20 to 65GB will be automatically added into your existing data allowance for the first three recharges depending on their plan.

Boost Mobile prepaid recharge offers are available online at or at one of 12,000 retail outlets across Australia including Coles stores.