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Boost Mobile launches new Trade-In app to turn old smartphones into cash

Boost Mobile has launched a new app which can instantly and accurately tell customers what their smartphone or iPad is worth if they were thinking of trading it in.

The new Trade In app is another way Boost Mobile can play their part in the circular economy and encourage the reuse of existing smartphones which can not only provide an affordable solution for customers but also put money in your pocket.

Boost Mobile research has revealed that 78 per cent of Australians have at least one unused smartphone in their home with 74 per cent open to trading in or recycling those old smartphones.

What’s held back customers from trading in in the past has been the perceived lack of value, inconvenience and data privacy concerns.

The new Boost Mobile trading app addresses all those concerns and create a fast and easy trading process so customers can check their phones and iPads trade-in value and then receive a free Australia Post shipping label in just a few easy clicks.

Now customers can easily assess and value their unwanted devices via the app as well as go through six diagnostic tests to help come up with that specific value.

The six diagnostic tests include a screen accuracy test, touch screen test, pixel test, phone button check, microphone check and a battery drain test.

The app also shows customers had a clear their data from the device before sending it in for the trade in.

Once the customer accepts the quote, they will be able to ship the device free of charge from any Australia Post office.

And once the device has been received and checked, customers will be paid directly into their bank accounts.

Did you know an iPhone 8 Plus 256GB in good condition and in working order is worth $190?

Or that an iPhone 11 256 GB is worth $405? See the table below for other valuations.

This shows there is a lot of unlocked cash in draws in cupboards in homes across Australia.

The Boost Mobile trading app could offer a nice cash bonus for Australians ahead of the festive season.

“For our customers, the new Boost Mobile Trade-In App means both more cash and less waste,” said Boost Mobile General Manager Jason Haynes.

“Simply put, one of the best ways to recycle is to reuse, and we are excited that our customers can now quickly and easily get money back out of their old devices while also doing the right thing by the environment.

“At a time when cost of living is through the roof and Christmas is just around the corner, Australians could be sitting at home earning extra cash and not even know it.

Our Boost Mobile Trade-in app makes it easy to trade in your unwanted devices, simply download the App and follow the steps, then send us your device with free postage and get paid cash into your account.”

Australia is behind other markets when it comes to trading in their smartphones.

Mobile Muster says the US, UK and Europe are way ahead of the game while in only 8 per cent of mobile phones are either being sold or traded when someone buys a new device.

And if more people trade in or recycle their devices it enhances the circular economy and mean less e-waste and less landfill.

The UN’s 2020 Global E-waste Monitor reported Australia had created 21.3kg e-waste including smartphones per capita but is only recycling 9 per cent of this.

By comparison, Europe leads the way recycling 42.5 per cent of its 16.2kg e-waste per capita with North America following at 15 per cent of 21.9kg of e-waste per capita.

Product Description Boost Trade In APP Value: Good Working Price
Apple iPhone 8 128GB $125.00
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 128GB $165.00
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB $190.00
Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB $140.00
Apple iPhone 11 256GB $405.00
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 256GB $430.00
Apple iPhone 12 128GB $540.00
Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $615.00
Apple iPhone 13 512GB $725.00
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 512GB $920.00
Apple iPhone X 256GB $220.00
Apple iPhone XR 128GB $220.00
Google Pixel 4 128GB $150.00
Google Pixel 5 128GB $260.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB $50.00
Samsung Galaxy S9 256GB $80.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 256GB $75.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960F 512GB $155.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G N986B 512GB $510.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus (T975) 128GB 4G $390.00
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G G998B 128GB $510.00
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G 256GB  $510.00