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Belong launches international roaming packs as Australians prepare to head overseas

Belong has launched international roaming travel packs as Australians prepare to head overseas to enjoy summer in the northern hemisphere with plans that can be used in more than 30 countries.

The $30 International Roaming Travel Pack has a 15-day expiry with unlimited standard SMS and 150 minutes of calls plus 3GB of data.

According to Belong’s research, more than 50 per cent of Australians are planning to head overseas within the next 12 months with 50 per cent worried they won’t be able to connect or use the Internet while travelling.

“As Aussies are eager to travel this year, we are really excited to be offering a great value International Roaming travel pack, focused on giving our customers the tools to stay connected and in contact with loved ones while abroad,” says Belong’s Head of Product, Aaliah Eggins-Bryson.

“We know how important it is to have access to good internet while we’re in a new or foreign location.

“Our travel pack will provide Belong customers with 3GB of data, unlimited standard SMS and 150 minutes of calls to and from standard Australian numbers and eligible destinations, and, importantly, will save them the hassle of searching for wi-fi or a local SIM.

“The pack is prepaid, so there’s no chance of bill shock at the end of your travels.”

The packs can be purchased a year in advance of travel and activated once your travels begin.

Belong, which uses the Telstra network in Australia, has also activated inbound SMS for every customer so they can receive texts from family and friends and to use two-factor authentication.

The Belong $30 International Roaming Travel Pack requires an active Belong monthly plan so the minimum cost for customers would be $59.