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Australia will get the iPhone 4S before the US

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For the first time ever, Australians will get their hands on the latest iPhones before US thanks to the international time difference.

Australian iPhone 4S customers will be 18 hours ahead of Los Angeles and 15 hours ahead of New York when the device goes on sale here at 8am tomorrow.

Meanwhile Virgin Mobile has also revealed its plans for the iPhone 4S with plans starting at just $29 a month.  

All of the Fair Go plans include free unlimited calls and texts between Virgin customers, allow rollover of unused credit and offer free voicemail.

The top of the line plan for the iPhone 4S 64GB with unlimited calls and texts to any other mobile and landline as well as 4GB of data per month is priced at $92 a month for 24 months which is very competitive against the other unlimited iPhone 4S plans available.

Virgin Mobile uses the Optus network.

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