Modern technology gives us many things.

Aspera Mobile’s new Nitro 2 has all the features except a high price

Aspera Mobile has released a new high quality yet affordable smartphone – the Nitro 2 – which delivers all the features you need for just $179.

The Aspera Mobile Nitro 2 has a large 6.6-inch HD plus display to enjoy new videos apps, messaging and browsing.

On the camera side there is a 13 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front camera.

The device, which is running the Android 13 GO edition, can support dual 4G SIM cards and will work fine after the 3G network shutdown which will occur in Australia before the end of this year.

The Nitro 2 has a sleek design and is available in two colours: pearl and black.

The phone includes a lot of impressive features under the hood including face recognition and a fingerprint sensor to keep your device secure.

It also has NFC so you could make contactless payments with the Nitro 2.

And there’s no worry about getting caught short with your charge thanks to the large 5000mAh battery that will easily last an entire day and well into the second.

“With our new Nitro 2 we focused in particular on providing even better value for money features whilst significantly raising the features, look and feel,” says Aspera Mobile MD Allan Robertson.

“Nitro 2 costs just $179 which, for this kind of phone, is an amazing price for budget conscious consumers who want maximum functionality without the hefty price tag that comes with so many other brands.

“You really have to pick the Nitro 2 up to appreciate how good it looks and feels. We’ve really gone all out with the combination of design, functionality and price and quite simply put in the maximum amount of features possible for just $179.

“This makes the Nitro 2 unique and a compelling value for money proposition as it gives people who do not want to spend many hundreds or even thousands of dollars a great smartphone experience.

“Having a Nitro 2 means no-one needs to know you are on a budget when you pull out your smartphone.

“With its sleek, modern design and colours, along with a free slimline protective case this phone looks right at home next to others costing thousands of dollars.”

Robertson says the Nitro 2 is an ideal upgrade for those users who may still have a 3G device.

 “There are thousands of consumers using 3G only phones and who will need to upgrade to 4G devices this year as all carriers switch off their 3G networks,” he said.

“Nitro 2 is a very suitable upgrade option for all of these consumers.”

 Nitro 2 is the latest smartphone part from Aspera that challenges the market and meets the needs of value conscious consumers.

“With full-featured 4G smartphones from $99 to $199 Aspera offers a market leading range of options in that price range,” Robertson said.

The Aspera Mobile Nitro 2 is priced at $179 and available now from Big W.

Nitro 2 specifications

– Face recognition

– Fingerprint sensor

– NFC for contactless payments

– 6.6” HD+ high-definition display

– Large 5000mAh battery

– 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM with more processing power and “virtual” memory allocation for faster apps

– 13MP rear camera

– 8MP front camera

– Android® 13 Go Edition OS