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Apps that can help you save money

saveapps6On the eve of the Federal Budget, Australians are expecting a little belt tightening so here are a few apps that are designed to help you save some money.

Whether it’s managing our personal finances, cashing in on coupons or special deals or help with your comparison shopping, there is an app that can help.

There are also apps that can help you save a few bucks while you’re travelling.

MOTORMOUTH (iOS and Android) – $2.49

Filling your car up is never cheap but the Motormouth app can help you find the lowest priced fuel closest to you.

The app can also tell you the best days to buy your petrol because it knows the fuel price cycle in your area.

MotorMouth can tell you the cheapest fuel near you

REDLASER (iOS and Android) – Free

When you’re in a store looking at an item wouldn’t it be great to see what that same item costs in other stores?

With RedLaser that’s exactly what’s possible. Simply scan the barcode of the product you’re looking at and it will give you the best prices locally and online.

RedLaser lets you do comparison shopping from anywhere

GROUPON (iOS and Android) – Free

The Groupon app can save you money on everything whether you’re looking to dine out, travel or buy the latest products.

Users can access the latest deals and redeem them on their mobile device instead of having to print out coupons.

Cash in on group discounts with the Groupon app


Ever wonder why your electricity bill is so high? The Energy Calc Pro app can help you work out the energy costs associated with your everyday products and appliances.

There is a built-in database on the app to see common wattage and average daily usage plus you can customise the app to the rate per kilowatt you’re being charged in peak and off-peak times.

Keep control of your electricity bill with the Energy Calc Pro app

SKYPE (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) – Free

When you’re travelling or even when you’re at home, the Skype app allows users of the app to make free audio and video calls to each other from anywhere.

With Skype you can keep your mobile bill down or ditch the landline at home and also save hundreds on mobile costs when you’re travelling when it’s time to call home.

Make and receive free audio and video calls with Skype

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