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Apple’s App Store exceeds 40 billion downloads


appstorethumb2Apple has announced the App Store has hit more than 40 billion downloads with nearly 20 billion taking place in 2012.

There was a record-breaking two billion downloads in December alone.

Since the App Store launched in 2008 the developer community has grown at a rapid pace with more than 775,000 apps now available for the iPhone, iPod and the iPad.

Of that, there are also more than 300,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad.

The App Store is available in 155 countries with apps sorted into 23 categories including news, business, health, games, sport and travel.

“It has been an incredible year for the iOS developer community,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services.

“Developers have made over seven billion US dollars on the App Store, and we continue to invest in providing them with the best ecosystem so they can create the most innovative apps in the world.”

An example of the success an app can have in the App Store is the game Temple Run which was developed by a husband and wife team at Imangi Studio. It has been downloaded more than 75 million times.

“The success of our game Temple Run in 2012 was nothing short of astonishing,” said Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios.

“We were simply looking to create a game that was fun and easy to play, but once it hit the App Store, the game took off.”

Hollywood heavyweight JJ Abrahms also got in on the act with his Action Movie FX app which was created by his company Bad Robot Interactive.

“The App Store provided us with opportunities beyond our wildest dreams,” said Bad Robot Interactive’s JJ Abrams.

“Our app Action Movie FX was designed to bring Hollywood special effects to anyone’s self-made video, whether that be on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and we’re just thrilled that millions of fans around the world were as excited as we were about the possibilities that this app brings.”

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