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Apple steals Nokia’s smartphone crown


iphonenewthumbnokia slips

Nokia has been overtaken by Apple as the world’s biggest seller of smartphones – a title Nokia held for 15 years.

Nokia’s smartphone sales in the second quarter slumped by 18 per cent to 16.7 million while Apple sold 20 million in the same period.

Also nipping at Nokia’s heels in the smartphone space is Samsung which may even relegate the Finnish mobile manufacturer to third once its figures are finalised.  

Nokia’s slide in the smartphone space has been well noted.

Since Apple’s industry-changing entry into the smartphone arena other companies have been scrambling to adapt to the changing landscape.

Companies like Samsung and HTC and their decision to adopt the Android mobile operating system has seen them enjoy huge success.

Nokia, meanwhile, decided to stick to its Symbian operating system and its usually loyal customers deserted them.

Earlier this year Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft to run Windows Phone 7 software on its smartphones from 2012.

Apple is set to release the iPhone 5 in the coming weeks while Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone has been a huge seller around the world, including Australia.

Recently a Telstra survey revealed Australians are huge smartphone users with 46 per cent of all mobile users now using a smartphone.