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Apple expanding its Independent Repair Provider program to Australian


Apple has expended its Independent Repair Provider program to more than 200 countries including Australia which means customers will be able to get their devices repaired in more locations by trained repairers who use genuine Apple parts.

Repairers of all sizes across Australia will now be able to receive free training as well as access to genuine Apple parts, tools, repair manuals and diagnostics.

Customers will be able to recognise authorise Independent Repair Providers with a sign to confirm they offer repairs with genuine Apple parts.

The most common repair for iPhones is to replace cracked screens with customers now having access to the same parts and level of service they would find at an Apple Store and in more convenient locations.

These independent repairers sometimes offer non-genuine Apple parts to make their repairs at usually cheaper prices than when genuine Apple parts.

But one thing to note for customers – their warranty may be voided if their device is damaged while being repaired or has issues with a non-genuine Apple part.

Having a non-genuine screen, for example, will not void the iPhone’s warranty but if there are any issues or damage while carrying out that repair – then you’re not covered by Apple’s standard warranty.

With this Independent Repair Provider program, more repairers will have access to the genuine Apple parts to offer their customers the peace of mind that their devices are still covered by the Apple warranty.

There are already more than 1,500 Independent Repair Providers across US, Europe and Canada.

Australia will join that list along with many other countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

Apple is also offering customers the option of mail-in repairs to ensure their health and safety amid the global pandemic.