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Meryl Streep the Sportsbet favourite to be cast as Princess Leia in the next Star Wars film

Meryl Streep to replace Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia? That’s what Sportsbet thinks and they’ve made her the $2 favourite to take over the iconic role in Star Wars Episode IX.

Sportsbet has installed acting royalty Meryl Streep as the favourite to head to a galaxy far, far away and assume the role left by Carrie Fisher who passed away in December 2016.

A petition to cast the Oscar-winning actress in the role attracted more than 10,000 signatures.

But pundits are also assuming Princess Leia will be written out of Star Wars Episode IX by writer/director JJ Abrams who helmed Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

The Sportsbet price that she will not be recast is a short $1.20 against $4 she will be recast.

There’s even a market for whether CGI will be used to replace Princess Leia – $1.33 for No and $3 for yes.

Carrie Fisher died well before the release of the recent Episode XIII – The Last Jedi – and the story concluded with her still in a leadership position with the Resistance.

But the interest in Streep assuming the role of still remarkably high.

She leads the Sportsbet market at $2 closely followed by Michelle Pfeiffer ($3.50) and Sharon Stone ($5.50).

Others in the market include Sigourney Weaver ($8.50), Kate Winslet ($16) and even Australia’s own Nicole Kidman at an outside $51.

Here is the full Sportsbet market:

Who will be cast as Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode IX
$2.00   Meryl Streep
$3.50   Michelle Pfeiffer
$5.50   Sharon Stone
$8.50   Sigourney Weaver
$10      Mary Steenburgen
$12      Julianne Moore
$16      Kate Winslet
$18      Billie Lourd
$21      Jamie Lee Curtis
$26      Sandra Bullock
$31      Laura Linney
$41      Jodie Foster
$51      Nicole Kidman
$61      Helena Bonham Carter
$81      Robin Wright

Will Princess Leia be recast?
$1.20   No
$4.00   Yes
Will CGI Princess Leia be used?

$1.33   No
$3.00   Yes