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Linksys introduces EA9500 Max-Stream tri-band router to meet your wi-fi needs


We all feel the need for wi-fi speed in our homes and Linksys has answered the call with its new EA9500 Max-Stream tri-band router that was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The device is capable of combined wi-fi speed of 5400Mbps (5.4Gbps) across its three bands – two 5Ghz bands and one 2.4Ghz band.

This means the fast and smooth transmission of data around your home to suit the things we’re doing with our wi-fi connection like streaming video, online games and browsing.

The EA9500 is powered by a dual core 1.4Ghz processor and is larger than previous Linksys routers and has eight antennas and eight Ethernet ports plus a USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 port.


At CES, where the Linksys EA9500 was introduced, the power of the router was being tested on the stand at the Las Vegas Convention Centre by streaming 4K video to 20 TVs at the same time.

But apart from the speeds and specs of the products, the EA9500 has also been designed to be easy to set-up, easy to use and easy to manage.

The company is taking a plain English approach to give users peace of mind.


Another feature that will help users manage and troubleshoot their network is the new Smart Wi-Fi app.

The app allows you to take control of your network and see which devices are connected and how much data they’re using.

It will also send you a notification if the router loses its connection to the internet and then guide you through some troubleshooting steps and contact customer support to resolve the problem.


It is also backed by a three-year warranty and three years of support.

The Linksys EA9500 router will be priced at $549 when it is released in April.

 * Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG