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LG unveils impressive range of 2015 4K Ultra High Definition TVs and pricing

LG has provided an inside look at its 2015 range of 4K Ultra High Definition and OLED televisions with even larger screens and boasting the latest technology for enhanced picture quality.

LG has been hard at work improving the viewing experience on their latest TVs across the board including colour, luminance, enhanced computing power and an improved operating system.

4K Ultra High Definition continues to be a priority for LG and will represent 66 per cent of the company’s latest range.

Screen sizes are also getting bigger with 38 per cent of LG’s 2015 range at between 65-inches and 98-inches.


Sales of screen 55-inches and larger accounted for 64 per cent of LG’s TV business while sales of panels 65-inches represented 25 per cent of sales.

There will also be a gigantic 105-inch model released by LG later this year.

LG has also put a heavy focus on OLED (organic light emitting diode) with some exciting models due to hit the market later in the year.

LG's latest 4K UHD TV range
LG’s latest 4K UHD TV range

And underpinning all of these televisions will be new technology including ColourPrime, Ultra Luminance, a Six Step Upscaler and an updated webOS 2.0 software.

ColourPrime is used on the flagship UF950T adapting the LED phosphor-based colours for richer reds, greens and blues than a conventional LCD/LED TV.

Ultra Luminance enhances the lightest and darkest parts of the screen by adjusting the backlight to produce added image luminance.

LG has also included on its 4K UHD TVs a Six Step upscaler to boost content to near 4K quality whether you’re watching a movie on Blu-ray Disc or streaming a movie on Netflix.

Ultra Luminance technology on the latest LG TVs
Ultra Luminance technology on the latest LG TVs

LG’s latest webOS 2.0 software that makes setting up and operating the company’s TV even easier is now even quicker and simpler.

Speed will also be noticeably increased thanks to the quad-core processors that will now power LG’s latest televisions.

The hero UF950T 4K UHD model has all of these features onboard and will be available in 55-inch ($4,699), 65-inch ($6,499) and 79-inch ($12,999). They are available now with the 79-inch models arriving in May.

The 2015 range of LG TVs have a new updated webOS 2.0 onboard
The 2015 range of LG TVs have a new updated webOS 2.0 onboard

The UF850T and the UF770T are also 4K UHD that offer all of the features of the UF950T minus the ColourPrime feature but still offer deep natural colours and picture quality.

The UF850T is available now in 49-inch ($2,599), 55-inch ($3,399), 60-inch ($4,199) and 65-inch ($5,199).

The UF770T has an even wider choice of screen sizes starting at 43-inch ($1,799), 49-inch ($2,399), 55-inch ($3,099), 60-inch ($3,799), 65-inch ($4,699), 70-inch ($6,499) and 79-inch ($9,499). These models will be available in mid April.

The LG LF6300 full HD LED TV
The LG LF6300 full HD LED TV

For those viewers who would rather a curved 4K UHD TV, LG also has a strong line-up with the UG880T – available now in 79-inch for $11,999 – and UG870T which has screen sizes of 55-inch ($3,999 – available May) and 65-inch ($5,799 – available late April).

On the OLED front LG still has the curved full HD 55-inch 55EC930T for $3,999 that delivers amazing blacks and stand-out picture quality.

To round out the range is the LCD/LED full HD LF6300 which has a lot of family friendly features like built-in wi-fi, Miracast to stream your laptop to the TV and webOS 2.0.

The LG 55EC930T full HD curved OLED
The LG 55EC930T full HD curved OLED

The LF6300 is available now in a number of sizes including 32-inch ($899), 40-inch ($1,299), 49-inch ($1,699), 55-inch ($2,199), 60-inch ($2,799) and 65-inch ($3,399).