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LG releases its first flatscreen 4K UHD OLED TVs in Australia

LG Electronics has launched the first flatscreen OLED TVs in Australia earlier than expected to meet the huge demand for the technology that offers a stunning viewing experience like no other TV in the market.

The 4K Ultra High Definition OLED flatscreens available in 55-inch (55EF950T – $5,499) and 65-inch (65EF950T – $8,999), can be purchased from select retailers this week.

These new TVs join LG’s already popular 4K UHD curved OLED TVs that have taken the Australian market by storm and, according to LG, have been generating a million dollars in retail sales per week over the last 10 weeks.

The new LG OLED TVs will come with webOS 2.0 software onboard along with 6-step Ultra HD Upscaler technology that brings your source content to 4K quality.


Also onboard are premium Harman/Kardon speakers that are contained within the slim unit.

These new LG 4K UHD OLED TVs are also the company’s first fully HDR (high dynamic resolution) compatible panels that will be able to display content enhanced with HDR from Netflix and the upcoming new 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc format.


LG has taken a leadership position with OLED technology and is the only major manufacturer that offers this format of television.

There are numerous advantages to OLED.

Firstly, being a self-illuminating material, there is no need for a backlight so the design is thin and sleek.

And without a backlight and the OLED’s ability to be either completely on or completely off, the result is incredible black levels and scope for an incredible range.


The contrast level on an OLED offers amazing detail in light and dark areas of the screen while colours are expanded to show more shades of blues, greens and reds.

“We’ve been asked by many consumers when a flat screen OLED TV will be available from LG in Australia. Now, with the EF950T, it’s here. We’re giving people the choice – flat screen or curved screen OLED TV,” said Grant Vandenberg, marketing manager for LG Home Electronics.

“Australian consumers have shown a real appetite for OLED TV technology and we estimate there’s going to be high demand for this new EF950T series in particular.


“We really encourage consumers to go into stores and take the OLED Challenge by comparing LED/LCD TVs, which have a backlight, to LG OLED TV which has no backlight.

“It’s something we believe you really need to see for yourself to appreciate the OLED difference.”


LG Range Summary – Australia 

Curved OLED

55EG960T           4K UHD $5,499 (RRP)

65EG960T           4K UHD $8,999 (RRP)

55EG910T           Full HD  $3,999 (RRP)


55EF950T            4K UHD $5,499 (RRP)

65EF950T            4K UHD $8,999 (RRP)