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Laser’s range of power banks will keep your mobile devices charged on the go

Power. We all need it to keep our smartphones and tablets charged on the go and a battery is handy if we have no access to a power point or the time to keep it plugged in to the wall.

Laser has a range of portable power banks to suit all types of users and situations.

They all come with USB ports as well as Lightning, microUSB and 30-pin connectors for older smartphones.

And they’re all designed to be compact and lightweight so you can easily take them with you anywhere.

Now you won’t be caught with a dead smartphone or tablet ever again.

Here is a selection of Laser’s most popular portable power banks:


LASER POWER BANK 2200 with CABLE – $14.95

This Laser Power Bank is just 9.5cm long and comes with the multi-purpose cable so you can connect all types of mobile devices and keep them charged.

The product is also available in a variety of colours – blue, green, pink and yellow.

The number in the device’s name – in this case 2200 is the mAh capacity of the battery.

If your device has a 2500mAh battery, the Laser Power Bank 2200 will recharge the battery back up to 88 per cent capacity.


LASER POWER BANK 2200 with LED TORCH – $24.95

This power bank has a rugged construction and is designed to go anywhere with you.

It is also water resistant and has a powerful LED torch onboard as well so it’s ideal for camping and bushwalks.



There some devices, like Samsung’s latest devices (and possibly the next iPhone), which can be charged wirelessly with Qi technology.

That means that can just sit the phone on top of a charger like the Laser Power Bank 6000 to power up rather than requiring a cable to be connected at either end.

But there are also two USB ports which means it’s possible to charge up to three devices at once.


LASER POWER BANK 10000 with CABLE – $49.95

If you want to get more charges out of the battery you’ll need a power bank with a higher capacity like the Laser Power Bank 10,000 which means it has 10,000mAh capacity with enough power to recharge your average smartphone up to four times.

It also comes with the multi-purpose cable so you can charge iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

And it’s charged at 100 per cent right out of the package so it’s ready to go.

Available in four colours – pink, blue, yellow and green.



This Laser Power Bank 6000 can not only keep all your mobile devices charged it can also jump start your car if you’ve got a flat battery.

The battery comes with jumper cables that connect the Laser battery to your car’s battery in case it needs to be jolted back to life again.
And there’s also torch included in case you need to use the battery at night.

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