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Kogan Mobile reborn with Vodafone partnership to provide affordable plans


Kogan Mobile has been reborn today launching a new mobile phone service powered by the Vodafone network that will offer generous data allowances and unlimited calls and text.

After crashing and burning two years ago, Kogan Mobile has risen from the ashes with a compelling partnership with Vodafone.

From today customers can sign up to two new BYO mobile plans on the Vodafone network starting at $29.90 a month.

On the $29.90 a month plan, users will receive for 3GB data and unlimited calls and texts.

And for $36.90 a month customers can move up to 5GB data along with unlimited calls and texts.


Customers can also pay $79.95 for three months or yearly for $299.90 for the 3GB plan for 12 months and $99.95 for three months or $369.90 for 12 months on the 5GB plan.

“Kogan Mobile is back, and it’s better than ever. We’re here to do what we always do — cut out the middlemen and save smart shoppers some hard-earned money,” said Kogan Mobile Executive Director David Shafer.
“We continue to receive streams of messages from fans asking when Kogan Mobile is coming back. We knew we had to give customers what they were asking for.”

Kogan Mobile is also offering a tablet plan for $14.95 a month for 2GB data

But the services will be limited to Vodafone’s 3G network.

Kogan Mobile says it will look at introducing a 4G service in 2016.

Iñaki Berroeta, CEO at Vodafone said the company was proud to join forces with Kogan Mobile.

“As a strong proponent of competition and choice, we are proud to be the network of choice for Kogan Mobile, and privileged to be at the service of their customers,” said Mr Berroeta.
“Kogan has become a household name through online retail innovation, challenging the status quo, and delivering great value to Australian consumers. Something we are big believers in. We are delighted to be part of their next chapter.

“We have great confidence in our network and capabilities, following three years of investing $3 billion to improve coverage and faster speeds. We are excited to extend our fantastic 3G service to Kogan Mobile customers, and our 4G service from early next year.”

In 2013, Kogan Mobile has to close its doors after its reseller partner’s contract with Telstra was cancelled and placed in the hands of an administrator.

Kogan Mobile today pointed out that no customers lost any money at that time and were refunded any outstanding credit that they had.

This time out there is no middle man – the deal is directly between Kogan Mobile and Vodafone – a deal that’s been two years in the making.

“Kogan Mobile is back and it’s better than ever,” said Kogan CEO Ruslan Kogan.