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Kogan Mobile is now offering competitive data only plans


Kogan Mobile is already a huge success in Australia and the company has today announced it will now be offering customers mobile broadband data on equally competitive plans.

Powered by the Vodafone 4G network, Kogan Mobile now has data only plans to keep users connected at home and on the move with their devices.

The Kogan Mobile data SIM can be used with a tablet or mobile hotspot to offer fast 4G connectivity.

And the pricing is so competitive, customers could even consider using the Kogan Mobile service instead of maintaining a fixed line for ADSL broadband.

Plans start at $29.90 for 8GB of data to use every 30 days. Customers can choose to pay yearly for 8GB of data per month for $329.90 which equates to $27.12 every 30 days.

If you’re after more data, Kogan Mobile is also offering a plan with 30GB of data for $49.90 with a yearly price of $549.90 which works out at $45.20 per 30 days.

“Customers have been telling us they love the price, simplicity, and service they get with Kogan Mobile, and they want it for their broadband access,” said David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan Mobile.


“Many Australians still experience the poor quality and slow speeds of legacy ADSL services. Customers who rent their homes may want to avoid going through the process of signing up with an ADSL provider, and avoid fixed-line phone connections — especially when NBN services will continue to be rolled out over the coming years.

“We recently announced that Kogan Mobile will have fixed line NBN services available in 2018, and we’re extremely happy to bring Mobile Broadband to all Australians today.

“Whether staying in touch with friends and family, streaming content, or working remotely, the ability to stay connected wherever you are, is crucial.

“Flexibility is key – many Australians want to use broadband across multiple devices, with no lock-in contracts, for a great price. We’ve managed to provide all that with Kogan Mobile Broadband.”