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Kogan Mobile launches rock bottom deal to entice new plan customers

Kogan Mobile is celebrating the first anniversary of its partnership with the Vodafone network with an offer to entice new customers to the 4G pre-paid SIM only mobile service.

This offer is for new customers only and the discounted price will apply for the first 30 days before reverting to the regular price for as long as the user decides to stay with the service.

That introductory price for the 12GB plan, which includes unlimited calls and texts, is just $4.90 for 30 days.

The next 30 days and subsequent pre-paid billing periods will be at regular price of $49.90.

David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan Mobile says affordable has become the most important consideration for Australians looking for mobile service.

“We’re proud to have helped so many Australians save money in the first full year of Kogan Mobile, and we’re looking forward to helping even more in the future,” Shafer said.

“We’re celebrating our first birthday by launching this great deal to give even more customers the opportunity to try Kogan Mobile.

“Customers are using more data every month to stream and download content, and we expect the trend will only continue to accelerate.

“In light of this, we want to make using a smartphone more accessible and affordable for all Australians, and we think a first recharge with 12GB of data for only $4.90 is a pretty good start.”

Customers using Kogan Mobile use the Vodafone 4G network with all features and data for use in Australia only.