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Kogan launches NBN plans with unlimited data and competitive pricing

Kogan has launched a new low-cost NBN Internet service available to millions of homes around Australia with pay-as-you-go plans starting at less than $2 per day.

The Kogan Internet NBN plans are available from today with connections supplied through Vodafone as supplied by NBN Co – not the mobile network.

The plans start at $58.90 per month plus an upfront modem cost of $69.

There are three plan options starting with Bronze (NBN 12 tier), Silver (NBN 50 tier) and Gold (NBN 100 tier).

As a launch special, Kogan is offering the Silver plan with 50Mbps download speeds for the same price as the Bronze 12Mbps plan – $58.90 per month for 24 months.

This offer is available until June 30.

The Gold plan offers 100Mbps download speeds for $88.90 a month.

All plans come with unlimited data and users can cancel at any time without penalty.


“We are always working hard to make the most in-demand products and services more accessible and we expect that Kogan Internet’s NBN plans will shake up the market with their affordable, flexible and simple offerings,” said Executive Director David Shafer.

“At, we have always believed that better internet connectivity is key to improving how people live and work.

“More affordable internet access is a huge win for all Australians. With the recent improvements in the NBN, and today’s launch of Kogan Internet, there has never been a better time for Aussies to change their internet provider.

“It is important that Aussies understand that, even if they thought they found a good deal in their current ADSL or cable connection, there is no guarantee their existing provider will continue to offer the best value service in the age of NBN, so it’s worth shopping around.”