Modern technology gives us many things.

Kodak Moments app lets you share and print your favourite photos

We take a lot of photos but we don’t print many of them but Kodak has stepped in with a new app that helps users take, store, share and order prints of your favourite images.

Within the Kodak Moments App is a community of users who can share their photographs within the ecosystem which is like a mini version of Instagram.

And those images can be uploaded in their full resolution and stored at that quality in the cloud.

Users can add text and quotes and also choose a layout to tell their story before sharing.

You can invite family and friends to join you on Kodak Moments and create your own memory sharing group that is ad free, secure and private.

When we used to take photos with film cameras – we had no choice but to print out these images and Kodak, at the height of its popularity, was in the thick of that business.


Today the company is still in the picture (pun intended!) with this app because it can offer a number of services to produce personalised products as well as print out your images at your local kiosk.

Through the app you can choose canvas or acrylic prints, photoblocks and even mugs.

Other choices include photo books, specific size prints for framing and beautiful collages.

You can also search for stores near you with Kodak kiosks and print these right from the app at those locations so you can get your prints right away.


The Kodak Moments app is free and is available now from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.