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Jaguar unveils the I-Pace – its first fully electric performance SUV

Prestige car manufacturer Jaguar has just unveiled its first all-electric car which maintains the company’s heritage of an attractive design accompanied with thrilling performance.

The new I-Pace is an SUV that has the same surefooted characteristics of a Jaguar but it’s a pure BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

On board is a 90kWh battery that is made up of high energy density lithium ion pouch cells which are built with thermal management to provide longevity and maximum power when needed.

The two on-board electric motors provide instant torque and all-wheel drive traction with an acceleration giving you from 0 to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds.

One full charge of the battery will provide a range of up to 480 km.

The I-Pace has an efficient aerodynamic design with a flowing waistline, a large bonnet scoop and rear haunches that are typical of the Jaguar brand.


A lot of work went into making the car as aerodynamic as possible to create low drag and reduce the tax on the battery.

Because of its low centre of gravity and even weight distribution, the I-Pace can produce

696Nm of instant torque and the agility of a sports car.


On the inside is an abundance of integrated technology and luxurious interior design.

Because of the electric powertrain, instead of a large motor, it allows for additional comfort and space for the front and rear passengers.

Also on board is the I-Pace Pro-Duo infotainment system so all the car’s technology features are at your fingertips including GPS, connectivity and climate control.


There is 10-inch touchscreen integrated into the dashboard and another lower 5-inch screen.

The driver display in front of the steering wheel will also be a 12.3-inch high definition interactive screen.


There will also be a companion app for iPhone, Apple Watch and Android that will allow drivers to stay connected to the car and find info like vehicle range, charge status and charge rate.

The car also has a dedicated 4G wi-fi connection to key drivers in touch with their digital world.


The Jaguar I-Pace will be available in three models – the S, the SE and the HSE with differences in wheel sizes, headlight quality and the addition of driver assist.

The Jaguar I-Pace will be available in late 2018. Pricing has yet to be announced.