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Why Smartphone Gaming is going to Dominate

The smartphone gaming industry is becoming one of the biggest global industries in the world. The industry is thriving so much that in the year 2020, it was able to generate over $75 billion in revenue, and in upcoming years, this industry will continue to grow further as internet penetration and smartphone availability will increase across the world. Today, we will be having a look at several reasons why we believe that smartphone gaming will dominate in the future:

Multi-Purpose Devices

Smartphones are multi-purpose devices, unlike gaming consoles. Gaming consoles and PCs are owned by a specific group of people only whereas smartphones have become a necessity for everyone in this age. Smartphones have so many uses other than gaming such as communication, taking pictures, accessing the internet, etc. 

Because smartphones are a necessity for everyone, it provides game developers with an opportunity to have access to a much bigger and more diverse user base than gaming consoles or PC games. Whether it is children, teenagers, young adults, or senior citizens, everyone loves to play casual mobile games during leisure time for fun and to relax. Most children who don’t own any gaming consoles play games through smartphones to enjoy.

Smartphones Are Getting More Powerful

Over the years, smartphones have gotten much more powerful and we are seeing new features being added to smartphones every year. Smartphones are so powerful and capable that they can process any kind of data at much quicker rates. We have smartphones that come with storage up to 1 TB and powerful GPUs that can handle graphic-intense gaming easily.

Since smartphones have become so powerful, it has made it possible for game developers to develop graphics-intensive games like Call Of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Asphalt, etc which were previously not possible because of hardware restrictions. Previously, only relatively simpler games like Cut The Rope, Auto Clicker games like Cookie Inc, and Candy Crush Saga, etc were available only but thanks to recent hardware advancements and development, we now have graphic intense games available that allow for a better gaming experience.

A Wide User Base

As we have mentioned, smartphone gaming has a very wide user base. Initially, the mobile gaming market was limited to casual gamers only because a few years ago smartphones were able to support casual games only but since smartphones have gotten more powerful over years, we now have a very wide user base that consists of different types of gamers.

We have casual gamers who like to play casual games like Candy Crush, Temple Run, and Subways Surfers during their leisure for fun. We have strategic gamers who play strategy games like Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, and Clash of Clans. We also have battle royale gamers who play battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Apex Legends, etc. 

The smartphone gaming market was dominated by casual games in the past but in recent years, there are all sorts of games available in every category. Whichever application store you pick to download games, whether it is TapTap or any native app store, you can find a game in every gaming category available.

The Attention Of Big Publishers

Since smartphone gaming has become so popular and is thriving all across the globe, this industry has now gained the attention of several big companies like EA, Riot Games, Ubisoft, Konami, etc who have entered the mobile gaming market and have bought their famous titles such as FIFA, PES, Assassin’s Creed, League Of Legends, etc to mobile phones.

The user base of the smartphone gaming industry is so huge that big publishers had to find a way into this industry in order to maximize their revenue and with smartphones getting more powerful, game developers are now looking into ways by which they can further enhance the gaming experience and beat their competitors to it.

Different Monetization Methods

Apart from the gaming aspect, the mobile gaming industry has provided mobile game developers with a way to generate revenue. There are different monetization methods available that have helped developers generate more revenue. We now have engaging ads, playable ads, along with rewards ads that reward players with in-game perks. 

There are in-app purchases and subscription methods available in the game and the developers charge the users a monthly fee for specific in-game rewards. These have allowed mobile developers to generate a lot of revenue through their games.

Smartphone gaming is soon going to become the face of the gaming industry and these reasons clearly show why smartphone gaming is thriving across the globe and why it will continue to dominate in the future.