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Whooshka’s new private platform delivers podcasts to specific groups and students


Australian podcast hosting platform Whooshka has added a whole new dimension to podcasting with a new private feed that allows podcasters to create content for select audiences or community groups.

To kick it off Whooshka has partnered with Australian audio company Rode to deliver course materials to schools.

This week Rode donated $2m worth of its podcasting equipment to Australian high schools so they can create course materials for students who may be forced to learn remotely because of the coronavirus.

To do this Whooshka has created a private podcast platform that can distribute the content directly to students.

This move has the potential to really change how we create and consume podcasts. Now there is possibility to produce podcasts for certain audiences.

In this instance it is a school creating content for its students but it could very well be a company creating a podcast for its employees or a sporting club creating audio for its fans.

With the podcasting equipment donated by Rode to NSW high schools, teachers are able to create content for students who will be studying from home.

“We’ve had a phenomenal response to the initiative,” says Rode Founder and Chairman Peter Freedman AM.

“So far, hundreds of schools have applied to receive a podcasting kit and we are busy packing them to be shipped off later this week.”

With the new private Whooshka platform, the material created by teachers can be delivered to select groups via any app supported by the platform like Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts.

Administrators can then easily add or remove users from the distribution group.

Whooshka founder and CEO Robert Loewenthal says his company would also be prepared to offer private podcasting packages to schools not only in Australia but around the world to maintain learning.

“As schools shut down and offer more teaching online, or students are unable to attend, we believe private podcasts will be a key method of informing, educating and engaging students and parents,” Loewenthal said.

“We developed this technology with remote workers in mind, but we’re confident it can also be an audio lifeline for schools. That’s why we’re making it free for kindergartens to year 12.”

If you are from a recognised New South Wales public high school and would like to register to receive a Rodecaster Pro podcast kit, head to the Rode website for more information.

Whooshkaa is offering free podcast hosting to K-12 schools anywhere in the World until 31 December 2020. To apply, please visit the Whooshkaa website.