Modern technology gives us many things.

What is Voice Search Technology?


Technology has nowadays become one of the crucial parts of almost everyone’s lives. From young children to retired men and women, there is no one who can’t benefit from it.

To match this extensive demand and to make technology more helpful for different people, experts try to incorporate new advancements into it every now and then. One such evolution in the technological domain is “Voice Search.”

Understanding the basics of this concept is as convenient as doing Trueblue casino login. But to use voice search up to its greatest extent and implement it successfully somewhere, you need to get into in-depth details.

We have brought here all the information about voice search technology that you might be interested in. It will help you learn what exactly this concept is, how it works, and its influence in different domains. So you will be able to use it for your benefit.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the details on voice search technology.

What Is Voice Search?

If you are familiar with Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa, you already know what voice search is. Google and Apple have used this feature for years. The latest was introduced by Amazon in 2014 in the form of Alexa, and it remains one of the preferred options today. Don’t worry, in case you haven’t used any of these. We will be explaining them in detail here.

Basically, voice search means creating a query by speaking into a ‘voice assistant’ equipped device and getting results. It is just like using a search engine. The only difference is that you have to speak out your question here and not type on the interface.

You can try saying “Ok Google” to your Android devices or “Hey Siri” to your Apple devices. This will open the voice assistant on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Then, you can ask them your questions.

The technology utilises speech recognition, which analyses the frequency of your voice and understands what you are saying. Once it comprehends your voice, it runs an algorithm to search the question through its database.

Finally, it provides you with the results through that database or through an internet search. Either way, you get your answer. The interface is created in a way that it speaks and writes on the screen simultaneously. So you can’t miss out on your voice search results.

Some differences you can note between voice search and textual search apart from speaking are:

  • More Human Touch: Voice search understands your natural language and replies in the same. It feels almost like you are talking to another human being. This can’t be found in the textual search.
  • It Is Quick: No matter how much you try, there is only a certain typing speed you can achieve. What makes voice searching better here is that this speed will practically always be slower than your speaking speed. Thus, voice search is faster than a textual one.
  • Uses Long Queries: When you search online by typing your query, you try to incorporate as fewer words as possible. On the other hand, voice search works on long-tail keywords. It is seen that questions in the latter case usually include seven or more words, whereas the former case has 2-4 average query words.
  • Better Local Results: Voice search is more focused on local results than global ones. This happens because most people use the assistant for their everyday tasks, such as direction or weather queries.

Now that you know what voice search technology is and how it is different from textual search, let’s move on to our next topic.

How Voice Search Is Changing The World

As stated previously, voice search technology has been in the market for several years. However, it is only now that people are getting more familiar with it. Moreover, some people still have no idea of the concept. They find it fascinating that a device can listen to them, follow their voice instructions, and find answers to their questions. There aren’t the people we will focus on here.

Instead, we will talk about the domains that have been positively affected by voice search technology. These include:

  • Smart Speakers

Initially, people only used voice search for fun. They used to ask Siri or Alexa useless and silly questions. But this has changed over the years with the inclusion of several features into the voice search technology. One of the significant improvements here is smart speaker hardware. It looks like a small Bluetooth speaker, but it connects to the internet and becomes your assistant at home. Currently, these devices are sold in millions or billions of units all over the world.

You can utilise them for various purposes, such as:

  • Ask them everyday questions.
  • Ask them to make your shopping list.
  • Use them as an alarm or timer.
  • Or just listen to music on them.
  • Smart Devices

This technology was first introduced on mobiles and laptops. Just like the smart speaker, you can make your device your assistant. It increases the usability of your phone or laptop. Moreover, you won’t have to type long lists or queries. You can simply ask your device the questions, and it will provide you with the answer without any hassle.

What makes using voice search more beneficial on your devices is that it will offer more accurate results while cutting on the trouble of typing. On top of everything, the assistant is now available in a number of different languages. So you won’t face any difficulties communicating with it.

  • Impact On Digital Marketing

Smart devices aren’t the only advancements brought by voice search. Even the digital marketing world is positively affected by this technology. This happens due to the different functioning of voice search than the textual one. We have mentioned some of the fundamental differences between voice and textual search earlier. For example:

  • Voice search focuses more on local results than global results.
  • Voice search uses long queries (7+ words) due to natural language inclusion.

However, these aren’t the only two contrasts between the two searching methods. Another vital difference is that the use of natural language shows the intent degree in your query. It implies that the voice search algorithm works differently than the standard search engine algorithm. These factors bring in a need for change in the digital marketing aspect because it is majorly focused on keywords and the functioning of algorithms. Hence, there is a considerable impact seen on SEO and DM with the increasing use of voice search.

If you have a business, you should begin optimising your digital marketing strategies based on voice search. It will help you reach more potential customers. Plus, your business will be able to sustain in the future digital world as the need for voice search will only increase.


The reason why voice search technology has always been a centre of attention for people is due to its “human touch.” People find it captivating that they can talk to a machine just like another human.

However, the usability of this feature is now increasing. So you should include voice search into your everyday life, as well as in your business’s digital marketing strategy. As per experts, it is the demand of the day. If your business lacks voice search SEO optimisation, you won’t be able to take complete advantage of digital marketing. For this reason, you should begin working on this aspect.