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Top internet searches for 2011 revealed

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Yahoo!7 has just released its annual search trend data for 2011 and revealed some interesting results.

2011 has been an action-packed year full of huge news events, natural disasters, celebrity scandals and royal weddings.

The results have been broken down into a list of the most popular searches overall as well as a month-by-month review.  

Here are the 2011 Yahoo!7 search highlights:

2011 kicked off with the devastation of the Queensland floods in January closely followed by Cyclone Yasi.

Pippa Middleton – sister of Kate Middleton who married Prince William in April – actually outranked her sibling in the weeks and months to follow. Pippa was the most popular search term in April and June.

The planking fad hit the internet in May when the phenomenon was at the height of its popularity.

Scarlett Johannson hit the top searches for a couple of reasons. The first was when she divorced from her actor husband Ryan . The second came when her phone was hacked and nude pictures of the actress were leaked on the internet.

Yahoo!7 has unveiled its top web searches for 2011In March the Japanese earthquake and tsumani hit the headlines and users hit the internet searching for information and the frightening footage which was captured.

Another natural disaster – the Christchurch earthquake saw devastation and loss of life in New Zealand which had already been hit by an earthquake the previous year.

Singer Amy Winehouse was always a popular search subject thanks to her alcohol and drug-fuelled behaviour but she skyrocketed on Yahoo!7 when she died in August.

The 2011 Monthly trends


The tragedies in Queensland dominated search firstly with the flooding and then followed by Cyclone Yasi. These disasters were the most popular search terms ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament.


Cyclone Yasi continued as a search term in February but our attention then shifted to the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch.


Natural disasters continued in March with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami which went to the top the search list ahead of the other popular search subject Charlie Sheen.


The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a hot topic before Pippa Middleton stole the limelight straight afterwards.


Pippa Middleton continued to trend in May with searches includes pictures, her relationship status, the white dress she wore at the wedding. Planking also came to prominence this month and the number of searches reflected this.


Kim Duthie – the St Kilda schoolgirl involved in the AFL football scandal with players and player manager Ricky Nixon – was the subject of many searches in June when she resurfaced with most trying to find a picture of her.


Australian Miranda Kerr’s new baby was a popular subject in July and became the most popular search term of the month closely followed by the Tour de France which was won by Aussie cyclist Cadel Evans.


Our attention turned to the UK when we heard of singer Amy Winehouse’s death. She was the most searched subject of the month while the London riots became the second most searched term.


Sport-loving Australians made the Rugby World Cup the most popular topic taking the honours away from another sporting event – the US Open tennis tournament.


Even though the Melbourne Cup was not run until November 1 there were plenty of Australians looking for information on the field, jockeys trainers and tips to pick a winner and make it the top search term in October. A very close second was Apple’s iPhone 4S which was released in mid-October.


The break-up of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries after just 72 days made the famous for being famous celeb the top choice for November. It even tanked higher than the other big topic of the month – the Melbourne Cup.

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