Modern technology gives us many things.

The top five tips for parents to keep their child safe online


Access to the Internet has become an essential tool for educating children. But while the internet in the classroom allows studemnts to take advantage of many educational resources – there are some risks.

But it’s up to schools and parents to teach children how to use the Internet in a responsible manner and with controls that can filter conmtent appropriate to their age.

Here are some tips to help you keep your children safe online.

  1. Stay well-informed
    In order to teach, it is necessary to learn. And, the responsible use of the Internet, education must begin at home. It is important that parents know how social networks work, what types of content their children usually access, how to search the Internet, etc. Only through knowledge of the digital environment can our children can be informed of the possible risks.
  2. Never provide personal data
    When we create a profile on social networks, it is important to access the privacy settings so that no personal information like your address or mobile phone number is shared automatically. In addition, the child must be taught not to provide personal information to a stranger he or she speaks to online.
  3. Teach children to ask for help
    It is not uncommon for children to be harassed and bullied online and often they don’t say anything about it. Parents can keep an eye out for the warning signs including their child not wanting to go to school, being withdrawn and when a new message or notification comes in. Parents need to create climate of trust so their child knows they can ask for help if they are harassed online.
  4. Use parental controls
    Most browsers have built-in safety features to monitor the safe use of the Internet and restrict adult and inappropriate content. If the child is using a mobile device, there are also parental controls onboard to also keep them out of harm’s way. Parents can also check the browser history to see the pages visited recently
  5. Limit screen time
    If it was up to the child, they’d be happy to stay on their screens all day. Restricting screen time is a challenge for parents. One application that helps is FamilyTime – Android parental control appthat helps parents manage their kids’ screen time along with disabling inappropriate apps.

With FamilyTime, parents can even look at the browsing history, contacts, SMS threads, call logs and installed apps. Want to give this app a try for free? You can install the app now by visiting the Google Play Store on your mobile device.