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Top 5 Most Awaited Trends in the iGaming Industry


The previous year has been really successful for the gaming industry. Most online gambling companies and platforms have boosted their revenue rates. So what is expected to happen in 2021? Are there any trends and changes that you should be aware of?

Analysts are already looking to the future, so we have published a list of the top gaming trends for 2021. Among the most up-and-coming solutions are the growth of cloud gaming, new challenges for mobile developers, and virtual events.

1. Engagement & Revenue Will Continue to Grow

Mobile developers of Microgaming casinos have benefited the most from the pandemic. The audience for their games is growing rapidly, but retaining it will be one of the biggest challenges the next year. According to industry forecasts, in 2021, the number of gamers on all platforms will reach up to 2.8 billion people, and the market turnover will amount to $189.3 billion. The emerging markets of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa will also contribute to growth.

2. Problems with the Supply of Next-Gen Consoles

According to industry experts, there will be a shortage of new devices on the market. Some gaming releases will also be delayed, which is going to influence the entire industry and key market players. This will lead to the fact that the main drivers of growth and revenue in the console market will be games for PS4 and Xbox One. The transition of some projects to the free-play model and large sales of Switch will be only on the track.

3. Increased Interest in Cloud Gaming & Audience Boom

In 2021, the services of almost all major players, from Microsoft to Google, will be present on the market. According to forecasts from industry experts, the turnover of this market will exceed $ 1 billion for the first time in 2021.

4. Brands Will Continue to Use Games for Virtual Events

This will be influenced by the success of brand and celebrity collaborations with popular games like Travis Scott’s Fortnite gig. In such a way, brands will get new ways to promote their products, while developers will be able to attract new audiences to their fresh releases.

5. Gaming Will Become Even More Accessible & All-Inclusive

Major developers will follow the lead of The Last of Us Part II, Apex Legends, and other games that provide a wide range of accessibility settings for people with disabilities. The companies will also continue to fight the toxicity of the community, applying measures to protect various groups of players from virtual attacks.

Act Accordingly!

If you want to hold a leading position in the iGaming industry next year, then we strongly recommend keeping in mind the above trends and stick to customer wishes. Thus, you will be able to retain your audience and ensure top user engagement.