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Top 5 Minecraft modern house ideas


Minecraft is a building video game with almost no restrictions to how you can build. With limitless possibilities and opportunities, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games of all time.

Most modern house ideas will be combinations of various types of architecture, such as those used in London or Paris. Many of these ideas come from real-life homes and buildings that people have designed themselves across history. You can then alter some parts for decoration or make it more suited to the purpose you want it to provide (e.g., an office).

The images you will see below may contain Minecraft Shaders, or even Texture Packs, which serve to improve the graphic aspect of the game, to better match the type of construction you are going to do.

In this article, we have put together a list of the top 5 Minecraft modern house ideas.

  1. Modern Beach House

With its long white floors and sand-colored walls, this beach house is modern in every aspect. As seen in the picture above, two-floor heights are added to create more depth to the building and give it a unique appearance. In terms of inspiration for these kinds of houses, The Bahamas would be your best bet.

L-shaped blue couches add a fun touch to the modernness of this design, too, while still managing to stay within a sensible color scheme for Minecraft! You could also use wooden cabinets here instead if you wanted to get closer to realism with your home designs too.

2 . Modern House on Minecraft

This house has a very traditional appearance to it. London inspires its design – so you could change the outside of your building slightly to look like modern houses in areas such as Paris. The exterior uses light colors for the walls, which makes the roof structure of the house more visible, and it also offers great views of what’s around you.

There are two floors with stairs that lead onto an open balcony type ‘room,’ where two chairs can be set upon for relaxation or just to get away from it all! This is one of our top Minecraft modern house ideas, but it doesn’t have too much detail inside just yet. You could take this design further by adding wallpaper or other decorations to fill it out more – the possibilities are endless.

  1. Modern Office Building

We think this is a great idea for a Minecraft office building design as there are a lot of smaller rooms to work with, and you can make each room unique to suit its purpose. The outside uses brick walls that create a very traditional feeling to the whole building yet still manage to look modern.

The main floor layout shows how you could use this building as office space by having four rooms that lead from one another. In addition, there is also a second level above these rooms where you could have some additional storage space or relaxation areas if needed (e.g., coffee tables). You should be able to find many other home ideas that suit this style, and in fact – it’s very easy to make.

4 . Modern Living Room

This Minecraft modern house idea is a great high-rise living room design. The main feature of this room is the luxurious-looking interior with the purple couch, white walls, and carpet flooring. This also includes a fireplace (that can be switched off) which gives a more homely feel to the building.

In addition, two windows provide light for this space during the daytime, perfect for when you want some peace time just by yourself. We think these kinds of houses look best in outside environments where you can see all around you from one spot without being too restricted by other structures, so keep this in mind if you decide to build.

  1. Modern Loft

Photo by Nicolas Saintot on Unsplash

This modern loft house design is one of the best, as you can use it as a way to look out for your property or as a place to relax too. In addition, you could also turn this into a treehouse by making it on some large branches from some nearby trees; this would make the home unique and cool! The main building material here is wood planking which gives a great texture to the room’s flooring. There are several windows used in this building so that there isn’t any need for lighting throughout most of day time hours.

The walls have been painted with patterns and color schemes, too, so they don’t feel extremely plain either. We think this is a great room design that you can use for many different purposes. It’s versatile and doesn’t look too out of place either.

As you can see, there are plenty of great Minecraft house ideas on the internet to take inspiration from. All you have to do is start a new world of Minecraft (or use your own) and start detailing your own modern Minecraft homes today.