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Top 5 Business Leaders Tips For Improving Workforce Productivity in 2021

Every new year is a new beginning, and for most people it is a time to set new goals. That applies to businesses too – and odds are you already have some goals to improve your workforce productivity in 2021.

Unfortunately research has shown that most optimism and commitment to New Year goals tends to fade pretty quickly. The good news is that if you want to keep yours on track, there are several tips that can help you to do that:

  • Avoid the Halo Effect

Simply put the Halo Effect is the tendency for the positive impressions people have of a person (or company) to influence their opinions in other unrelated areas. Effectively that means that employees may be likely to agree with your ideas simply because it is coming from you.

As you can imagine the Halo Effect can suppress ideas and other points of view if you aren’t careful. To avoid it, encourage others to share first and get them to challenge your ideas.

  • Stop the Bandwagon Effect

Many employees may feel uncomfortable and avoid going against the opinion of the majority of the group. That can lead to people fearing to speak up, which will have a negative impact on productivity.

The way around this effect is to give employees the chance to individually share their ideas. That way you’ll get more diverse and honest insights that you can act on.

  • Get rid of friction

One of the best ways to improve productivity is to remove any friction that is getting in the way of your employees. Make it a point to talk to employees and find out from them what slows them down so that you can remove obstacles and streamline your business processes.

Another way to detect friction is by using WorkExaminer to carry out employee monitoring in real time and identify productivity roadblocks.

  • Recognize progress

Be sure to give recognition to employees who improve their productivity. If you use WorkExaminer to track the progress of employees you can objectively evaluate whether or not they have made improvements.

  • Share your own productivity struggles

Sometimes it can help if you admit and share your own struggles with productivity. In fact you may even want to share WorkExaminer’s reports on  how productive you are and how you spend your time.

It can be a bit daunting, but it will let you connect with your employees and may even inspire them.

It should be noted that if you want to seriously improve the productivity of your workforce, you definitely must take advantage of the tools that are out there. Employee monitoring software like WorkExaminer is particularly useful to help you keep tabs on employee activity and empirically measure their productivity.

If you leverage WorkExaminer as well as follow the tips listed above, you should be able to keep your 2021 productivity goals on track. It may be challenging, but if you take action right now you are that much more likely to achieve your goals by the end of the year.