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Tips to celebrate Safer Internet Day


keyboard_padlock_graphic_250stay safe online

Today is Safer Internet Day and is used to highlight safer ways we can responsibly use the internet and online technology.

More than two billion now have access to the internet around the world – which is actually four times as many than the number of people online in 2000.

But another thing that has increased is the online danger which include malware and spyware.


Today the internet is an indispensible part of our everyday lives which we are now accessing with even more devices including tablets and smartphones.

So protecting ourselves online is more important than ever.

Scott Jackson, marketing manager for Cisco Linksys has recommended some easy tips to make your home network even more secure.

1. Password protect your home network. Don’t go for obvious easy-to-crack passwords. Try using upper and lower case letters along with numbers and punctuation.

2. Give your network a unique name. Giving your home network an obvious name – like your street address – makes it easier to identify and can potentially make you a hacker target.

3. Position your router centrally in the home. Keeping the router near a window means the signal to the outside world will be even stronger and more tempting for others to try and tap into it.

4. Disable SSID broadcasting. SSID (service set identifier) is the name of your wireless network and it’s possible to stop this being broadcast to the outside world. Anyone within your network will know the network’s name and can search for it.

5. Use parental controls. We have to supervise our children while they are on the internet and what makes this easier is the parental control system which can be used to block inappropriate internet content.

6. Secure your network. Be sure to protect your network with a password or encryption key. If you don’t do this your neighbours, or anyone else near your home, can access your network and use your internet account for free.

7. Turn on your firewall. All routers come with a built-in firewall. Be sure yours is activated to provide your network with an extra barrier of protection.