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Threads hits 100m users in record time as Twitter traffic falls off a cliff

The new social media platform Threads, a text-based spinoff of Instagram, has hit 100 million users in just five days while Twitter’s traffic has fallen off a cliff.

Threads has set a record in reaching 100 million users. It took TikTok nine months to hit that number, two months for OpenChat GPT and two and a half years for Instagram.

Anyone who downloads the Threads app can use their Instagram account to sign up and be up and running within minutes.

And while Threads has taken off like a rocket and continues to add users, it’s the opposite for its similar rival Twitter which has seen a sharp drop in the number of monthly active users.

Cloudflare chief executive Matthew Prince tweeted “Twitter traffic tanking” with a graph showing Twitters traffic has been on the decline.

The graph shows the level of traffic at the time of Elon musk’s takeover late last year and showing a steady decline until the launch of Threads.

Similarweb published a report showing Twitter’s traffic was down 11 per cent year on year.

Threads was launched the same week Musk imposed restrictions for the number of tweets that can be viewed each day – a move that angered loyal Twitter users.

Musk also removed all verified blue ticks from accounts (@StephenFenech and @TechGuideAU included) and instead made it possible for users to buy the verification.

But there have also been a few concerns about the Threads app and the amount of data it collects Including app, browser and device information, user activity and personal information.

It was also discovered that users who want to delete their threads account will have to delete their Instagram account as well.