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Things You Should Know Before Ordering A Custom T-shirt: Colour Transfer, Size, Printing Methods

New printing techniques like digital direct-to-garment printing have made it easy to design and order your own custom T-shirts. You can use the bright colors and your own chosen design to produce t-shirts that you will love to wear or to give as gifts. T-shirts are also great promotional items, for businesses, events and causes. You can personalize not only t-shirts but also other items of clothing like tanks, hoodies, tote bags and tea towels.

 Whatever your reason for creating a custom t-shirt, there are some things that you should know about the design and printing process. You will have to choose between digital or screen printing. It’s important to chose the right size of t-shirt, and also to be aware of the best ways to care for your custom designed t-shirt.

 Ordering Your First Custom T-shirt

There are some things you should pay attention to when you design your own t-shirt, especially if you are ordering one for the first time. First, you will have to choose the printing process that is right for your purposes. You can choose to have the same design printed on different sizes, or pick a different design for each t-shirt. DTG prints need some extra care when washing to keep the designs bright and colorful for a long time.

 1. Printing methods: DTG or Screen Printing?

Digital printing and screen printing are the two most commonly used printing techniques, and each one has its advantages. Digital printing, also called direct-to-garment or DTG printing has transformed the way in which custom designed t-shirts are made. The customer uses an online design tool to produce their own design and choose colors, without needing the help of a professional designer using expensive graphic design software. This reduces the set-up costs and gives you the flexibility to order as many or as few t-shirts as you need.

 DTG is a speedy process, with a turnaround time of just a few days instead of the months needed for more traditional printing methods. You also have the flexibility to create new designs easily. Digital printing uses soft, water-based inks with a full color range that allows you to unleash your creativity. However, it is important to keep in mind that DTG clothing needs some special care with washing in order to keep the colors bright and glowing.

 Screen printing, which used to be called silkscreen printing, is an older and more traditional printing technique. It is better suited to large orders, such as bulk orders for uniforms. Screen printing is also better for items that need to be washed often, as the colors and designs last longer. Another advantage of choosing this printing technique is that you get vibrant colors, including fluorescents and sparkly metallics.

 2. Choose the Right Size

When you design your own custom t-shirt, you can choose sizes for everyone, from infants and children to 5XL, all with the same design. With DTG printing, you even have the flexibility to use different designs for everyone in your family or group, in a size that fits.

 3. Caring for Your Custom Designed T-shirt

DTG-printing allows you to create full-color designs but they need some care when washing in order to keep the design and colors fresh and glowing through many washes. Because this technique uses soft, water-based inks, the design will wear out over time. You can prolong the life of the design with some care.

DTG-printed shirts should be hand washed. If you do use the washing machine, set it to the cold cycle and use a mild detergent. The t-shirt should be hung on a line to dry, or tumble dried on a low heat setting in the dryer. Bleach and fabric softener should not be used, and the t-shirts should not be dry cleaned.

With new digital printing technology, designing custom t-shirts has never been easier. For larger orders, or in cases where the garments will have to be washed more frequently, you may prefer the more traditional screen printing technique. Either way, you’ll have a unique garment with your design and message, for yourself, your family, friends and colleagues.