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The new Norton Genie app uses AI to help you spot a scam

With the sheer number of scams were receiving on SMS and email they are getting even more sophisticated and harder to spot. The new and free Norton Genie app uses AI to help you spot the scams quickly and easily.

Norton, a leading global cyber safety brand, has created Norton Genie to help you 24/7 like your very own expert in your pocket.

Globally people are receiving more than a staggering 3.4 billion phishing emails daily.

Users can upload a screenshot or cut and paste text from a suspicious SMS or email into the Norton Genie app and it can tell you instantly if it appears to be a scam.

The app does this with advanced AI and by accessing Norton’s extensive cybersecurity database to help stop you becoming a victim.

“Every day, we’re inundated with messages and scams that have become so believable that anyone, even the savviest of us, is just one wrong tap from becoming a scammer’s next victim,” said Ondrej Vlcek, President at Gen.

“We want to give people Digital Freedom – the freedom that can only be achieved when you’re safe and empowered online.

“Genie is an always on, easy-to-use, trusted advisor that helps you stay ahead of highly convincing scams.

“By bringing together best-in-class scam intel from Norton with advanced AI, we can empower people to take full advantage of the digital world safely, privately and confidently.”

Norton has decades of experience uncovering and identifying malware, scams, phishing attacks and dangerous websites so it has built up quite a library of know threats which are now being used with Genie.

And not only will Norton Genie help you identify scams and dodgy websites it will also advice you what to do next including deleting the message and what steps to take if you clicked the link.

Norton Genie can also answer questions like how it knew a message was a scam.

With AI powering Genie, the more it is used the smarter it gets and the more it learns and adapts to detect new scams.

The Norton Genie app is free to download and use now on the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

An Android version of Norton Genie is expected to be available in the coming months.