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The Impact of Technology on the Lithium Industry

We all know about the advancements in technology but one of the biggest stories is just how all that tech gets powered. To power all of this new technology, there has been a drive to find cleaner, safer energy. That’s where lithium technology has really become a focal point.

We’ve seen lithium-ion batteries everywhere, but what kind of impact has their use had on the best lithium stocks on ASX? Know more about the lithium industry, what kind of impact that technology has had, and what developments are driving the industry at large into the future.

Changing Lithium Mining

Most people probably don’t realize that lithium is mined before it is ever used in batteries of all kinds. While it might sound obvious, there is more of a need for lithium than there has ever been. That mens finding more efficient and effective ways of mining that lithium.

Mining lithium has traditionally been very bad for the environment but the need for more lithium has resulted in a push for change. Lithium used to be mined by drilling for rocks before either processing them with acids and chemicals (destroying landscapes and creating waste) or through pumping brine water into ponds, leaving the compounds of the lithium behind.

Creating a More Sustainable Future

The biggest impact on the lithium industry has been finding more environmentally friendly ways to mine for it. We can only have such a negative impact on the environment before it becomes untenable and leads to serious damage to not only landscapes but entire ecosystems.

Because lithium is proving to be a cleaner, more sustainable energy source, the need to create clean mining has followed. Businesses are understanding the importance of minimizing the collective carbon footprint. In the lithium industry, that means utilizing a pair of new methods that result in the mass mining of lithium without doing the aforementioned damage.

Mobile Lithium Extraction

One of the newest innovations in lithium mining was created with preserving both the land and water supply in mind. The great thing about the mobile extraction process is that it also creates optimal value in the production of lithium extraction. Being able to satisfy both the need to mine and the need to preserve the environment has been a massive step for the industry at large.

This is all possible through a mobile lithium extraction plant. It requires less time and money to get started while amphibious vehicles can carry any of the materials safely across just about any kind of ground surface. It not only adds value but minimizes potential risks as well.

Selective Absorption

This is something of a radical engineering concept. The goal is to not only extract commercial-grade lithium but to also reject any impurities that come in the form of calcium and magnesium. This is the kind of technological shift that not only benefits the companies mining lithium but ensures that the environment is getting the proper attention, too.

These are only a few changes to the lithium industry and with time there are surely more to come. It allows companies to continue producing lithium products at a high rate – keeping stocks chugging right along – while also keeping an eye on the environment. Companies understand the importance of lithium and set out to create a more sustainable future in the process.

Thanks to further development in new technologies, it stands to reason that there will be only positive momentum going forward. It also gives consumers peace of mind knowing that these technological advancements won’t come at the cost of Mother Nature.