Modern technology gives us many things.

The Greatest Influences of Technology on Gaming


Can you imagine life without technology? Neither can we. Computers, smartphones, and the internet make the world go around, and the gaming industry is not an exception to its influence. Therefore, we present the greatest influences of technology on gaming. 

The Invention and Development of 3D Graphics

Before 3D graphics came to the scene, game creators used 2D and text-based technology. However, the appearance of 3D, followed by the development of special effects, made video games much more realistic, putting a gaming experience on a higher level. Now, you can lose yourself in a perfectly designed world of Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, or Lost Judgement, and enjoy sceneries that look just as real. 

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Gaming

Artificial intelligence has entered the gaming scene through the big door. It is one of those technological innovations that both game creators and players have welcomed with open arms. Video game studios today use AI, to create characters players can interact with or fight against, and they are fairly complex. These non-playable characters give players everything they need from contemporary games – the touch of realism. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The development of virtual and augmented reality is one of the most significant technological innovations of our day. Unlike virtual reality, where we become part of a simulation that includes 3D photorealistic graphics, in augmented reality, we can use computer-generated images and impose them on the real world. 

The gaming industry saw these two realities as an amazing opportunity for further development of video games. For instance, today, players can use VR headsets and enter the most fantastic gaming settings, experiencing what they could not or would not want to in the physical world. 

A Step Further – Hyperreality

The video game companies know that the ‘future is now’ and that making the most out of technological innovations is essential to stay competitive in the market. That’s why some of the bravest and creative ones have already developed games that include hyperreality. Also known as location-based entertainment, hyperreality is the mixture of physical and virtual reality. Hyperreal games provide lifelike experiences, allowing players to gather in a physical space and join a specific virtual activity, such as a video game, using the required equipment. 

It is interesting to know the difference between hyperreality and virtual reality. In virtual reality, for instance, everything is placed inside the goggles. However, in hyperreality, players use headsets and see the space they are playing the game in. That’s the beauty of hyperreality: you can walk around the room, reach some virtual object, and even feel them in their physical form. In fact, many will argue that hyperreality is the blend of virtual and augmented reality. 

Technology Brought Us Closer Together

Many will not agree with this statement, but if we look at the broader picture, the invention of the computer and internet has led to the appearance of social media platforms, making it easier for people to connect. Now, you can play your favorite video games with other gaming enthusiasts all around the globe, and this doesn’t only stand for games such as WoW, LoL or Dota, but for many other titles and genres as well. 

For instance, the online space has become a piece of heaven for passionate casino players, too. Today, players can enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes not only thanks to the Internet, but also thanks to renowned providers and platforms such as, which are making the best of it. 

The reason why these online games have gained popularity is thanks to the possibilities they offer – one of the most appealing is flexibility. It means you can play an online game anytime, anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection. 

Smartphones – Our Loyal Allays 

Playing online games doesn’t require sitting in front of your desktop computer or laptop constantly. In contrast, when we said you could play online games anytime, anywhere, we meant you could also play them on your smartphone. 

In fact, online games have probably become even more popular now that we can play them on our mobile devices. Moreover, the number of gaming apps available on the market is beyond imaginable. And the best thing is, you don’t have to be passionate about gaming or a pro to play mobile games because there’s something for everyone. 

Technology Influences Gaming, Gaming Influences Popular Culture

The gaming industry is profitable per se, but in order to spin more revenue, merchandising has become an inevitable part of each game company’s business strategy. So today, we have our favorite game characters on mugs, t-shirts, and even made as action figures. 

Moreover, some leading game companies have created different publications inspired by video games, including comics and books. And that’s not all; a few video games, such as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, were adapted for the big screen, and it is almost certain that we will see more video games made into TV series and movies

Technology is both Beauty and the Beast. So, what it can turn into is yet to be seen. But, whatever happens, the gaming industry will surely follow it.