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The Game-Changing Technology behind Online Slots


The continued development of online slot games makes it challenging for slots fans to select their best slots title. Slots developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibilities in online slots games. In this sense, you can access top slots games from multiple devices, including your PC and smartphone.

To win an online slots game, you need to line up symbols on the reels to win great prizes. But, there is also much more involved than meets the eye, mainly if you are playing more advanced online slots titles that include side games and bonus features. So, what are the revolutionary technologies transforming online slots games? Keep reading for more details.

Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator has emerged as a critical technology in online slots development. The RNG software is responsible for randomizing the results of spinning slots. This means that the symbols that appear on the screen are arbitrary and don’t follow a predetermined pattern.

Most of the top slots games come with between 10 to 20 different symbols on the reels. Therefore, for the game to be fair to the players, all the symbols appearing on the reels must be random when they spin the reels. The RNG software offers all players an opportunity to win cash, and you cannot predict the outcome of the spins.

Return –To-Player and Volatility

The Return-To-Player rate is usually indicated as RTP. This shows the average percentage of the money you wager the casino will pay you back over a long time. However, there is no known formula for determining when a player will receive a payout from online slots using RTP. You have a higher winning probability if you play online slot games with a higher RTP.

On the other hand, volatility determines the size and how frequently you get payouts. It is usually measured in terms of low or high volatility. Low volatility implies that a player has a greater chance of getting a win. However, because of the higher frequency, the payouts are usually low. As for high volatility slots, you are less likely to get a win, but the win is significant when you do.

Advanced Graphics

Nowadays, you can easily mistake online slots for video games thanks to their top-quality graphics. Many slots players will agree that RTPs and RNG are not the primary factors they consider when looking for slots game to play. Instead, they focus more on graphics and sound quality that usually makes the difference.

In this sense, 3D modelling and illustrations usually play a significant role in online slots game development. For instance, the industry has seen the introduction of numerous amazing 3D characters. An excellent example is Gonzo’s Quest which features excellent character. Moreover, developing a top online slots game requires the effort of a team working together to create the best-looking slots titles.

Mobile Slots

In the past, online slots games were based on Flash. However, the emergence of mobile devices as the most preferred gaming device meant a change of approach because Flash is not compatible with smartphones.

Consequently, many developers have switched to HTML 5 because it is compatible with smartphones. They were forced to change because sticking with Flash would have meant they lost a significant number of their users.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is among the latest technological advancements in online slots development. VR is popular because it immerses the players into the game, eliminating any outside distractions. Thanks to the technology, you can feel as though you were in a real casino playing on real slot machines.

Some things you will enjoy are the flashing lights of the slots games and the chatter inside the casino lounge. The technology ensures no detail is missed, and you get the real casino feel from the comfort of your sofa. At the moment, few top-drawer developers are using VR technology in their slot games, but many others are expected to join the VR slots games bandwagon soon.

The Future of Online Slots

The fact that online slots development will continue to improve in the future is undeniable. Moreover, technological advancements will play a critical role in the future of online slots. For instance, more online casinos are beginning to accept Cryptocurrencies instead of fiat money. Therefore, slots fans should look forward to a future where they wager using cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Another critical development to look out for is mobile gaming. The convenience of mobile gaming will make it the most preferred gaming device in the future. Therefore, there will be more mobile slots games in the industry than ever before.

Final Thoughts

Slots are undeniably the most played online casino games. Furthermore, they will continue occupying the top spot based on recent developments. Therefore, if you are a slots lover, you should lookout for a bright spinning future!