Modern technology gives us many things.

The Best Mass, High-Tech Custom And T- Shirt Printers Around The Globe

When it comes to custom T-shirt printing, ironing an image onto a T-shirt simply won’t do. The days of basic T-shirt printing are gone, with printers headed full-steam ahead into high-tech custom digital T-shirt printing.

The best printers in the world deliver mass, high-tech custom T-shirt printing to business, individuals and just about everyone who wears a shirt with quick turnaround times.

So, in a world with copious amounts of businesses to choose from, who are the number one T-shirt printers in the world? And how are they leading the way when it comes to high-tech, mass custom printing and T-shirting printing?

We’ve made sure the above companies tick all the boxes when it comes to turnaround times, the flexibility of services offered, and more. They all have fulfilment or dropshipping capabilities for brands, significantly more reviews than other printing companies around the world, and offer services such as embroidery, relabelling, and printing on their items such as stubby coolers and mugs.

When we talk high-tech, we’re not talking of the common, more traditional T-shirt printing like screen printing, vinyl cutting, and dye sublimation. We’re talking about the new kid on the printing block – DTG. New in the printing industry, these leaders make use of the new printing method, which is revolutionising the printing industry as we know it. This printing method has come a long way and can now be used on a variety of fabrics from cotton to polyester. No matter how complex the designs are, DTG gives great results every time. While DTG can be a slightly higher cost for larger print runs, the flexibility of being able to choose print on demand or print small runs, printed with the same quality and at a faster rate make this the more sustainable option moving forward.

The Print Bar in Australia brings to market this high tech printing technique thanks to a range of equipment, skill, and an inventory of popular T-shirt brands. Using the Kornit Atlas DTG printers paired with high-quality water-based ink, this leader in high-tech T-shirt printing is able to knock out large numbers of T-shirts fast. Furthermore, any design can be recreated, edited, and transmitted to shirts thanks to high-tech graphic software on their website.

Why Are Mass, High-Tech T-Shirts So Relevant Today?

These days people need large volumes of T-shirts without the long wait for delivery and with mass, high-tech printers the following custom T-shirts can be printed and used for every occasion: Protests • Social injustices • Celebrations • Birthdays • Anniversaries • Bucks Nights • Hens Nights • Bridal Showers • Baby Showers • Engagement Parties • Graduations • Valentine’s Day • St. Patrick’s Day • Easter • Mother’s Day • Father’s Day • Halloween • Christmas • New Year’s Eve • Fancy Dress Parties • Pub Crawls • Sporting Events • Music Festivals • LAN Parties • Band merch • Fitness Groups & Events • Schoolies • Clubs & Associations • School Camps • Fundraisers • Church Activities • Group Activities • Group Holidays • Campaigns • School Groups