Modern technology gives us many things.

The Benefits of Playing Online Slots on your Smartphone


Ever since online casinos first appeared on the internet in 1996, they have been rising in popularity. The rapid improvement of technology has meant that within 25 years, online games have evolved from being slow, pixelated and text-based, to dynamic, full-colour and even live-streamed entertainment.

Take online slots for example. Online slots are the most popular form of online gambling game, enjoyed by millions of players all over the world. One of the main attractions for players are the stunning graphics that animate each themed game, emulating the video slot designs from land-based casinos. Bringing the same quality games into the home was important for online casinos, as they wanted to be able to offer a high-quality service to their subscribers.

And now these providers are able to offer the same top quality slots straight to your mobile device with no compromise on quality or experience. If you’re already a fan of online casino gaming, it’s really easy to switch between devices. You can use your mobile browser or download one of the dedicated apps on offer. Now you can play online slots, like these mobile slots at Wink Slots, whenever and wherever you want.

Advantages of Playing Mobile Slots

Mobile Slots have enabled many advantages for players to exploit.

  • Convenient: Slot games are short and players love to play sessions in quick bursts. This makes them the perfect activity to squeeze into lunch breaks, commutes, or waiting times. Rather than trying to cram in a tv show, get stuck into a book, or complete a mission on a longer video game, you can simply pick up your phone and spin a few reels. And because the games are on your mobile, you’ll always have them with you, ready to play at a moment’s notice.
  • Secure: You can make deposits into your account by using your phone’s inbuilt payment system, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. This means you don’t have to keep looking for your debit card details as they are stored securely on your device. You can also prevent other people from getting to this information by using facial or thumbprint recognition software, something which is missing from web browsers.
  • Bespoke Designs: Because most people play games on their mobile devices, more and more developers are optimising their games to be played on a mobile. This means that they are designed for that hardware, rather than having to be adapted from another medium. With modern slot games now designed with mobile users in mind, they look and play best on that type of device.
  • Easy to Navigate: Mobile slots apps offer a streamlined version of the website content, making it easier for you to find the most popular content. Modern online casinos often also include blog posts and how to pages, whereas the apps will focus solely on the available games. The full online experience is often available through a link which then opens in your web browser, so you’re never far away from the advice and information if needed.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Web Browsers

Smartphones allow users to access online content in two different ways: through a mobile web browser or a mobile app. Mobile apps are by far the most popular activity on mobile phones, with 90% of screentime in 2021 taken up by app usage. It might seem like more fuss to download a separate app rather than play in the browser like you do on your computer, but mobile apps come with many advantages.

  • Faster: Because the app is downloaded onto your device it doesn’t have to pull the content from the internet. This means the games will load faster and refresh quicker, something which is important if you are just grabbing some downtime between activities. Also, mobile apps save their data on your smartphone rather than a web server, meaning you can access favourite games quickly and easily.
  • More Features: Mobile apps can be programmed to access features of your smartphone, like the GPS and camera, and use these to enhance your experience. They can also deliver push notifications to let you know when special offers are available or when certain events are starting, making sure you never miss the chance to play.
  • Easy to Use: Apps are specifically designed for mobile devices, meaning buttons, fonts, and pictures are all arranged in a way that is optimised for a small screen. You’ll never find text obscured by images or playable areas too small to be triggered by the touch of a finger. Websites come with varying degrees of mobile adaptability and on older or less-frequently updated sites you can find that playing on a mobile browser is clunky and awkward.

In Summary

Playing online slots on your phone is faster, easier, and more convenient than playing them exclusively on your PC or laptop. If you download an app it will have access to your phone’s data, giving you a quick and secure way to make deposits without needing to find any other information. Mobile screens are capable of displaying high-quality graphics and will showcase modern slots to their full capacity. Take your favourite slots anywhere you go and enjoy them at your leisure.